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  1. I have a 240Z build date 06/71 and it has the cigarette lighter in the dash. I also have a 12/72 parts car with the same. It looks to me that the panel that hides the fuse box is not original. Cheers, Les.
  2. My 1971 240Z has never had a rear sway bar. I have recently purchased a rear sway bar from MSA, but I am having trouble trying to work out how it mounts. Could someone post a pic or two of the proper mount and position? Cheers, Les.
  3. The last of the parts for my front brake upgrade kit from JSK arrived yesterday, and WOW they look beautiful, these machined parts look like works of art. It will be a shame to hide them behind wheels, calipers, discs, etc.. Definetly worth the wait. I did not mean for this thread to be a "have a shot at Juan" forum. I was genuinely concerned for his well being when I didn't here from him for a while. Juan has always been friendly and is prepared to go out of his way to help. The quality of his parts is second to none and they are exceptional value for money. Being in busin
  4. Thanks Guys, Juan is back on line. He really is very helpful and good to deal with. I guess everyone needs some time out.
  5. Has anyone seen or heard from Juan Hendriquez from JSK Engineering lately. I have a Wilwood brake upgrade ordered from him and he hasn't returned any emails lately.
  6. 9Kredline, I know where your coming from. I am caught in the dilema of how to power my 71 240Z. I would love to go all out and swap in an RB26DETT just for the power thrill, but then the next time I turn around I'm thinking global warming - Carbon emmissions, etc. Some of the AC electric conversions available now can give good performance and range with plug in, but are very expensive for the lithium batteries that are required for amp-hour/ weight ratio. Then I think maybe I should find some compromise, i.e. High compression L24 with LPG throttle body and electric supercharger, that woul
  7. Thanks for the info on the E30. One more question. This E30 isn't on a L20 engine its on a L24 (P30 block), with a 37cc chamber this motor should have a compression ratio over 10:1. Could this be right on an 1976 skyline? The 240K looks standard, single carb, no extractors, auto box.
  8. I recently bought a 1976 240K wreck for some parts. I noticed today that the head was an E30. Does anyone know how this head differs from my other L24 heads, an E31 and an E88?
  9. How did you go with the skulte adapters? I recently bought a custom set of adapters from them and I am very happy with the product and service. I have a new set of 17 x 7 ROH wheels, that I bought for my WRX. But I sold the WRX unexpectedly before I used them. So I got Skulte to make a set of billet adapters to go from 1971 240Z hubs (4 x 114.3) to 5 x 100 with 45p offset. The adapters are a two part item and 2 inchs thick. Andris was very helpful and emailed several times to make sure that I measured everything correctly and that everything would fit. They turned up in Au
  10. I would like to try to add my photo to this post as I couldn't figure it yesterday. If this works, this is my 1971 240Z that I rebuilt in 1995. Les
  11. I have never posted before so I thought that this was a good place to start. I first saw a 240Z in 1981, I was 13, It was owned by my Dad's Friend's Father it was red and I thought it was the coolest car I had ever seen. In the early 1990's I rebuilt from ground up a 1971 Holden HQ 2 Door Monaro with SB Chev and the works. The car was a beast but I needed a daily driver. In 1992, I saw an add in the trading post for a 1971 240Z for $1000. As I live in Central Queensland I bought the car sight unseen and got it trucked home. The body didn't look too bad, but the motor wouldn't run
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