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  1. Hey wat are they sites for a 280z v8 swap kits, i think JTR is one, but they are for the older z's. ANyone know any?
  2. r u refering to the hieght of the motor to subfram and clearence to steering shaft? i do not have pics of the motor and or exhuast i will try to get some reall soon please bare with me, ALso i found this guy online i think he posted here too I think its supratrucks.com he made or bought a 86 300zx and put a 355sbc in it full role cage ford 9 and nitrus like full deal. I asked him the part numbers for his exhuast which he said were writen wrong on the description. NO luck there. basically im looken for a header that 1, 3 will go one side and 5, 7 the othe. Ive moved the oil filter so thats not a problem.
  3. I swaped a 355 sbc into my 86 300zx. I am having exhuast issues. I would like to run headers for this motor but obviously room is a big factor. I found this web site that sells engine swap kits etc for 240sx 89+ along with header kits. The header kit they sell for that car from wat they say wraps around the steering column. THe question is, is the placement of the steering column onthe 89 240sx the same as teh 86 300zx. I know nissan changed the postion of hte rack to either front or behind the subframe. ON the 300zx its behind. Anyone have any ideas. The website is Hinson SUpercars. I have found nothing on this swap for the 300zx. Will the headers work for the 240sx on the 300zx when swaping a 355sbc into the picture? THanks
  4. need help with this project has anyone done this befor with or without the blower?
  5. My engine guy said using a oil cooler will help out alot, My 355 has a bds blower onit and it runs really hot I am using the stock 300zx radiator and two 11ich electric fans. That is not enough. I was using two temp gauges (autometer) one in the intake by the distributor and one in the drivers head. The one in the intake that ive heard runs 20 to 30 degrees cooler then the one in the head which makes sense. Haven one in the head is the best bet, but also ive heard using "water weter" i think thats wat it is called helps mix that in with ur coolant. Ive also heard looping ur heater hoses together doesnt really help just plug them off in the intake. ONes pluged on mine and one has the temp gauge in it. I also use a csr electric water pump due to the blower.
  6. Thats in a 280? THe rack is in the front of the subframe? wat do u do about the steering column. I have a 300zx and my block huggers on the driver side dump right ontop of the gear box for my Rac. NOt only that but the space on that side is very limited due to the steering column and oil filter. The passenger side the header has more room but part of the steering rack braket is in the way. Any sugestions on wat to do about headers. Im def goin to relocate my oil filter but so far custome exhuast work is the only thing ive been told to do. Has anyone found a header set that works? Any help would be awsome thanks
  7. Big question. What are people doin about steering issues? When installing a sbc into a 1986 300zx are or is anyone using the stock power steering rack? Are you converting the pump to run on theblock? Seems simple right? Heres my proplem, i have a 86 300zx and ive installed a 355 sbc supercharged i have a bds blower on it and the blower belt is 3 inches wide i can not run a ps pump or anything other then a alternator on my pully. My clearence is very small I want to install a manuel rack into this car but i am having trouble finding a sutiable fit? Now ive looked into summit at thier universal manuel racks but those are for mustangs or cameros or other american makes. Ive also looked into the company Flaming river. I work at a nissan dealership and discovered that a 93 sentra i think the 1.6 or 1.8 not sure comes with a manuel rack. I want to put that in the car but am not sure if the width is right. Has anyone come across this issue? Is there a car such as they 280 or 240 z's with manuel racks Any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. my idea is to use the tallest tires possible in the rear with a ford nine inch and between 3.5 to 3.9 gears and tub and roll cage the car tips and tricks are greatly appreciated and id love to help anyone else
  9. wat i got :1986 300zx blown 671 bds 355 sbc with turbo 350 trani possible goin to two speed what have people done for cooling issues im using a csr electric water pump the problem im running into is that the stock rad is slanted by factory design i adapted this to my setup and put two electric fans behind it Realizing this is not cutting it with the motor over heating to much Im goin to try to custom rad support and turn the rad vertical and use a threecore aluminum performance one anyone do this yet remember i have a blower and have to use an electtic fan the belt and pullies are in the way big time Ive come to the conclusion that the rad is goin to have to move forward towards the actuall bumper and move down so the hood can close any help would greatly be appreciated
  10. http://sponsorhouse.loopd.com/Members/adosenfuries/Photos.aspx?resourceId=d365e44a-dd3f-4eeb-b512-e9bea4e12d95 try this for nissan 300zx with a 355sbc and supercharger sorry theres only three
  11. say wat u want i got the motor and trani in heres the pics i hope that they work and u can see them http://sponsorhouse.loopd.com/Members/adosenfuries/Photos.aspx?resourceId=d365e44a-dd3f-4eeb-b512-e9bea4e12d95 i seriously hope that this link works its on sponsor house this picture is off the motor and trani goin in for a mock up more will hopefully becomeing
  12. So a ford nine inch is 288.6mm, the r230 is 1.4mm larger then the ford nineinch, so ive been told its stronger. So the r200 is 200mm (3.9 to 1) 7.9 inches. Is this correct? What sort of lsd would you recommend for the R200? This car will be street and drag. I have been reading up on the carbon clutch type 700-1000$. This might not be the forum to ask this, but wat sort of roll cage/ fram bracing/rearend support/front end support would you recommend, so that the car doesnt rip apart? I have been looking at a few things which were a roll cage and the STI has a support package that one can buy. I saw this in a magizene which really interested me. It was made so that you were not need to have a roll cage on the street. it had all underbody supporting and strut tower supports and behind the seatfloor brace. Is any of this worth it? COuld i adapt some of these ideas so that when the car hooks up on launch i dont crush it like a tin can?
  13. thanks for that www.z31 site it helped alot. so i guess i have a 3.9 inch in the rearend -86 zx
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