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  1. Lets face it, to them its about entertainment and money, not about the accuracy of the cars in the movie. I mean really.. through every FnF movie, I was disappointed to see how slow the cars really were, and how they had like 15 speed gearboxes.. lol. Hydraulic rollers.. weighted rear ends.. Maybe I just prefer things to be more realistic, because I could point out a million things that just were disappointing. On a side note, I Did see your car az.. For the whole 5 seconds it was shown, lol.. I just wish they made an accurate movie for us crazy gear heads. Steve-
  2. glasspacks ftw. That Z sounds awesome. Steve-
  3. Well.. if you want to be cheap.. like me.. I picked up a T3 turbo from a junkyard for like 30 bucks.. and you can upgrade a T3 Into a T3/T4 hybrid for like 400 bucks. 430 bucks for a T3/T4 name brand turbo.. Mines a Garrett Air research T3 gonna be T3/T4 soon. If you wanna rebuild the turbo at the same time.. add another $45 to that amount. Here. http://www.gpopshop.com/garrettt3kits.html Tons of cars use T3's in yards.. there a list I can pull up later.. but stock 300zx turbos can be upgraded as well. Steve-
  4. Unfortunately.. nothing has really changed since my build thread.. I have been fixing up my Jetta and recently purchased a 75 super beetle. I have been sanding down my Z's driveline parts and am going to POR them all.. then i'll be fixing rust on the z and priming it, and throwing my turbo engine it in.. just been distracted a bit. I should be done with both the Jetta and the Z by the end of the summer hopefully.
  5. LOL, Daeron, I already have a purple carpet! I tried dying mine black and failed! Yeah man, totally. I'm in Bourbonnais alot, me and a buddy have garages out here and we mess around with cars. He is pretty good with Megasquirt and has done cars for people before.. he can do it in like a day. If you ever come here or vise versa, my buddy could prob tell you whats wrong. ( Don't look at me, never did megasquirt yet, haha ) Steve-
  6. You are right, an LS1 Can match.. or come pretty close, to a L28ET.. BUT.. I don't think ( correct me if I am wrong ) she wants to spend like 4k on Just a motor. ( stock or kinda modified, unless you find one in a JY, and if you do.. I ENVY you. ) Not trying to argue.. but have you driven a small car with a SBC in a blizzard? Or during horrible rain/snow in traffic? Or with 50 mph winds on snow covered roads? I'm not gonna lie, I am a pretty **** good driver in snow. I have driven sbc trucks and stuff in it.. but a car is WAY different. I'd love to have an SBC for a fun weekend car.. not a daily driver, no waaay. Just my 2 cents. Steve-
  7. Like, OMG, someone totally stole the royal purple outta my leet honda drift machine.. I had to put in some conventional oil and lost like 15HP.. They even took my stickers! Anyways.. Nice work on the car bean! I remember seein one of your cars on craiglist like last year and hoped you weren't gonna give up! Keep it up!
  8. Yeah, you can get urethane at local hardware stores.. you can just soak your motor mount in it and it stiffens it up like crazy.. works very well actually.
  9. I guess it all depends on whether you want fuel economy or not. SBC's are sooo readily available. My friends keep bugging me to throw a 350 in my datsun, but I try to keep mileage and power both in mind... plus sbcs don't like snow and rain. I'm staying with my L28ET because I can still get like 28mpg with like 300 horse, and drive it in snow and rain.. * I know, my poor baby.. lol *
  10. Yes sir! I am looking for any year ( 79-83 ) ZX Manual steering rack.. I need one pronto! Thanks guys! Steve-
  11. Well said smokescreen. Poly bushings, or even Heavy duty rubber bushings, definetly change a cars characteristics... Better traction, more responsive, less rattles.. yada yada. I'm never going OEM again. Steve-
  12. I know.. our weatherstripping is crazy expensive..
  13. Like previously stated, L28ET swap ftw. Unfortunately.. ( atleast around here ) most Z's seem to have been pillaged a few times at junkyards. I'm sure alot of people will be willing to help get you a setup put together. PS. I'll take a ride 260!
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