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  1. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/98897-step-by-step-coilover-conversion/
  2. It absolutely will not fit a 280Z. The strut tube diameter is larger in the 280 and the coil sleeves will not fit the strut tube. -Todd
  3. |<---------------------------------------------- SOLD-------------------------------------->| Unused shelf parts. Purchased for a 280Z and of course they don't fit so they are as-new except for some dust and scuffs on the boxes. 4 ea Eibach /Ground Control coilovers 10" long by 2.5" springs at 200# and 225# rates with threaded sleeves for the 240/260. These do NOT fit the 280Z. NO TOP HATS. Tokico Blue shocks: Two HZ3099 and two HZ3015 with all hardware. I would like to see $450 after shipping (CONUS) for the whole lot. I will split them up only if I have confirmed buyers for everything. Top hats can be ordered from Ground Control, A1 Racing , Techno Toy Tuning and others. The asking price should be reasonable given the lack of top hats but I will entertain reasonable offers. More pictures here: Google+ Thanks for looking! -Todd
  4. Hopefully it's OK to mention this here. I just picked up 4 Koni 8610 1437 RACE shocks for $164 apiece from Autoplicity. They arrived today. $656 for four, free shipping. Seemed like the kind of deal someone here might be interested in. Have a great weekend! -Todd *** not in any possible way affiliated except for having just purchased from them! ***
  5. Any update on fitment of the aforementioned glan nuts? TIA! -Todd
  6. highly

    New 240Z Owner in Atlanta, GA

    Hey there John! Wondered how long it would be before I saw you over here Looks like you are making excellent progress on the Z... -Todd
  7. highly

    Wanted Your old L28 in OK/TX

    I've got a n/a L28 from a '78 with FI. Harness too. No trans, but with clutch and flywheel. In Piedmont, OK (NW of OKC). Just came out of the car this last weekend. Feel free to PM if you don't find what you need elsewhere! Thanks!
  8. What we have here is a complete fiberglass replacement dash finished in black gelcoat. As you can see from the pictures it is not a copy of the OE dash. It also is not one of John Washington's dashes that he sells for his VR kits. I don't really know who made it originally, but this one came with a 250 GTO kit and I don't plan on using it. I'd be willing to ship it, but I suspect that will not be cheap. Boxed up I suspect it will be about 18x18x55 inches, and about 20 pounds. Definitely oversized, but under the parcel post limit of 130" so it should be possible. Obviously, local pickup would be smart, and I am in Piedmont, Oklahoma 73078 for calculating the shipping. If you would like additional pictures of anything in specific let me know. I am looking to get 225 plus shipping out of it, but I am open to offers. John sells his dashes for 345, so I don't feel like I am ripping anyone off at that price. I've not sold anything here, but I am PayPal verified and have over 300 transactions on eBay both buying and selling.
  9. I've just upped my dose of Zyban to try to quit smoking (again) so my head's a little more fuzzy than normal today. Literally, I'm not in my right mind at the moment! Normally I'd respond sarcastically in a just-poking-fun way, but I don't trust myself to type it in a way that would be funny and not just piss you off. It's funny in my head, though. The original problem was that this adapter didn't fit on my 280's hub because the wheel bearing interfered with the too-small "doughnut hole" of the wheel adapter. Fixed it by opening the doughnut hole on my lathe to tightly fit over said area of interference. All better now. Mostly I was curious as to what hub this adapter was actually designed for. Seems nobody knew. It's REdesigned to fit a 280 hub now! Oddly, the studs on this particular set of adapters... the Honda bolt pattern part... are threaded 12x1.25. Pain in the a3 as I can't use my original locking tuner lugs for those wheels and have to buy another set...! WHAT were they THINKING?! Big head + little arms... "I don't think this plan was very well thought out!"
  10. Found a backing plate locally for cheap and milled some slots in it. Bolted up the adapter with four 12x1.25 nuts, trued to center with an indicator, and made the cuts. Done.
  11. Propane-induced heat and my 1.5 ton arbor press indicated that wasn't going to be as simple as you would think. Those bad boys are IN THERE. Considering these adapters are closing in on $200 after shipping from MM, I was not going to rush in to tear them up if I can help it (have to successfully remove and replace 16 studs keeping them square) ... so I posted for advice I'm still considering how I might make a >simple< jig to turn these bad boys with the studs in place while keeping them concentric, but in the meantime want to explore the other options. So nobody happens to know the hub size for a ZX?
  12. Chucking it up in the lathe IS a serious option; My 9x20 will support the swing, but there's no way to chuck the part without making the fixture in either my 3" 3-jaw or 4" 4-jaw. You can't get around the studs to grip the outer face. I will try to get ahols of Ross later today...