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  1. Hi @BluDestiny I'll get a weight for you today. The idea with these is to do away with the entire window winder mechanism and securely prop or bolt them in place permanently, losing the mechanism obviously saves some lb. - @Alex260z I'll think about it in no rush to sell, are you on another forum? the lack of post history isn't the most confidence inspiring when dealing with Paypal transactions.
  2. Bump. $500. Some (slightly) better photos if anyone needed them
  3. camerashy

    ///M powered Z

    Sounds fantastic Chris!, is megasquirt Matt the same Matt at MT in Richmond Hill? Looking a tuner for my MSQ setup.
  4. camerashy

    Fender flares - What do people recommend?

    Marugen Shokai on mine I had some MSA ZG flares once...awful in so many ways. As you can see from pre-paint, they follow the body contours well - wheel sizes are 16x9 and 16x9.5 Watanabes running 225/50/16 and 245/50/16
  5. camerashy

    Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

    Rear view mirror and the mounting pieces for it?
  6. Open to offers, if anyone needs more photos just ask.
  7. Selling a pair of custom manufactured unfitted, undrilled 5mm Green Lexan UV protected polycarbonate S30 door windows (Left and Right). Manufactured by Plastics4Performance in the UK. 50% lighter than OEM glass, marked to meet MSA, FIA and ABG regs. Also DOT-194 stickered. Fully thermoformed and identical profile cut to OEM glass i.e. they’re curved like stock glass. Fitted with Professional Rally sliders with custom lock knob. Sliders sit on ball bearing movements. Will fit S30, 240Z, 260Z, 280Z. These have not been fitted but the protective film has been removed. There are some surface scratches from where they have been stored, but these would polish out. There is one area in the pictures below on the driverside window around the slider that has a 'chattering' scratch, this would likely not polish out, but could be minimized with polishing. Given that these are for rally/race use, they are in fantastic condition. Some sticky tape residue is present on the base of the driver side window, this can be moved with an appropriate non-fogging solvent. Located in Canada, will ship within Canada/USA. To buy new you’d be looking at over $1000 USD plus shipping and duty. $500 USD SHIPPED within Canada/Lower 48 USA Chatter scratch
  8. Both shaft bearings should be rebuildable if they were anything like mine (granted there are some slight differences between a 240/280 rack). I put the grease seal part number on my build thread, somewhere near the bottom of this page. http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/86608/1978-datsun-280z-gearbox-update?page=20 As for the shims, I'd suggest keeping everything and waiting until you've rebuilt it, check the preload as per the various guides/service manual, if you need the shims, you can always buy appropriate shim stock of the same thickness and trace/cut out another shim. Acklands Grainger and others suppliers carry it.
  9. I did it with a blind puller http://retrorides.proboards.com/post/1958782
  10. Just wanted to say how happy I have been with the harness I received from Kurk. He has been a huge help and always happy to give someone business this side of the border. He tested and repaired my MS3 unit, installed the MS3X daughter board for me, and had the main chip replaced under warranty with DIYautotune on realising that mine was hooped. The harness (along with many other cleaning up of the body harness) and using the fuse/relay block that Kurk supplied has saved me a number of headaches. I must stress that I have NEVER dealt with a vendor more willing to talk one through over multiple emails and long phone calls shooting the breeze about Datsuns on install and the best way to approach problems encountered during the course of that. It really is a credit to his personality and patience. I would highly, highly recommend this group buy. A video of the car running with LS1 truck coils, Kurks harness, 440cc Supra injectors and my very angry built (lots of Tomei, BHJ, Slover, Greddy and other juicy bits in there) L28 (I went with the 280ZXT turbo dizzy setup) can be seen at the link below. https://www.instagram.com/p/BLmJEzqDJPM/ Cheeky post of progress over the past 4 years... From this.. To this To this
  11. camerashy

    aluminum distributor cap

    PM'd you chaos
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FucbvoFFy0 Great job Derek! You literally willed this thing into existence.