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  1. Very nice! I wasn't suggesting that yours might be too low, just pondering aloud. I think the fact that I've got a header meant for an L20B is the root of many of my exhaust problems (I've wondered if it's an ever so slightly canted angle and if the mounting flange is positioned further away from the header flange such as to push the exhaust further down the car chassis - there just didn't seem to be enough room for the fujitsubo twin pipe without severe 'massaging' with the overall exhaust seeming to be too long for my 78 280Z. I'll get those measurements too, can see if that might be the i
  2. Sean is it a fujitsubo gasket? Looks the same as the ones I used with the Fujitsubo twin pipe (that didn't fit my car as my car is too low!)
  3. Sorry this took MONTHS. Jeez. Measurements on a original fujitsubo header attached. Let me know if you need anything else to compare. Mine was originally meant for an L20 (stamped as such), so I'd be interested to know if it's going to be too long or too short from the header flange to the exhaust flange. I can get those measurements too for you. Excuse all the copper gasket gunk.
  4. Hi Sean, Glad to see how far Z story has come since the zclub.net days! I too am in the same boat with an old Trust/greddy header. Is your flange on the Street-sport header flange 'current' of the 'Needed now' one? Which is correct? I've got the header off the car, so I'll measure it up this evening for you. Ta
  5. Sounds fantastic Chris!, is megasquirt Matt the same Matt at MT in Richmond Hill? Looking a tuner for my MSQ setup.
  6. Marugen Shokai on mine I had some MSA ZG flares once...awful in so many ways. As you can see from pre-paint, they follow the body contours well - wheel sizes are 16x9 and 16x9.5 Watanabes running 225/50/16 and 245/50/16
  7. Both shaft bearings should be rebuildable if they were anything like mine (granted there are some slight differences between a 240/280 rack). I put the grease seal part number on my build thread, somewhere near the bottom of this page. http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/86608/1978-datsun-280z-gearbox-update?page=20 As for the shims, I'd suggest keeping everything and waiting until you've rebuilt it, check the preload as per the various guides/service manual, if you need the shims, you can always buy appropriate shim stock of the same thickness and trace/cut out another shim. Ac
  8. Just wanted to say how happy I have been with the harness I received from Kurk. He has been a huge help and always happy to give someone business this side of the border. He tested and repaired my MS3 unit, installed the MS3X daughter board for me, and had the main chip replaced under warranty with DIYautotune on realising that mine was hooped. The harness (along with many other cleaning up of the body harness) and using the fuse/relay block that Kurk supplied has saved me a number of headaches. I must stress that I have NEVER dealt with a vendor more willing to talk one through over mul
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FucbvoFFy0 Great job Derek! You literally willed this thing into existence.
  10. That makes sense Sleeper, seems to just be conflicting information depending where you go looking for it. It should be that the dizzy is spinning 2:1 the crank speed (i.e. the cam speed) that's how it's geared. cegrover - I've placed an order with the dealer for an 82-83 ZXT oil drive shaft so will get you photos/measurements when that comes in.
  11. I don't have the answer to your query cegrover, but I would love to know how this turns out being I'm also looking to put in the optical dizzy on my own car for sequential ignition. I did find this thread - http://forums.ctzcc.com/viewtopic.php?t=5784 in which a poster is adamant that there are different cogs, although a side by side comparisson, they look to be the same diameter (just a different number of teeth). I am wondering if the zcardepot and other sellers of the 280ZXT oil drive spindles on ebay are actually selling a KA spindle or perhaps the spindle from an R30 Skyline? I'm yet to s
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