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  1. what would be considered too big of a variation??
  2. Also, motor has a p90 head
  3. What should the cylinder compression be on a 81 l28et?
  4. Ok. well as long as they aren't needed I won't use them. thanks for the help guys!!
  5. So no hold downs, just the two brackets on the fuel rail that bolt to the intake manifold? I thought thats how it goes but wasnt sure. It is all snug like that but wasnt sure if just "snug" was good enough...
  6. I have a 81 l28et with a p90 head and a pallnet fuel rail. I have a set of 440cc supra injectors that I am going to use and was wondering if Ill still have to use the injector hold downs or not. If so, what rubber grommet do most people use or what do you use in place of it to make the hold downs fit correctly...
  7. Any chance you have the oil pump shaft????
  8. Hey thanks man I may have to take that route. I hate to have to shell out 100 bucks for that though Lol
  9. I have an 81 l28et engine and an 83 l28et dizzy, looking for a 82 or 83 oil pump shaft/drive to complete swap
  10. what wheel spacers are most people running? Im wanting some 2 inch spacers for my 260. Some spacers that ive checked in to alot of ppl say the center bore might have to be machined to be larger. Im looking for some that are bolt on.
  11. Wondering if you have upper and lower thermostat housing?????
  12. If someone can confirm that the thermostat housings would fit an 81 l28et then consider them sold....
  13. Yea, I am finally set on thate injectorand turbo set up. The main thing I an looking into now and kinda stuck on is what ignition set up to use. I would like to go distributorless (previous setup on this motor was distributorless so currently doesn't have a distributor) and an needing help on what options I have. I have looked into the Ford coil system but haven't found too much info on it yet. If anyone has any info or a link it would be greatly appreciated. Also Dexter72, how was your experience setting up the megasquirt...
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