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  1. Herman

    WTB Engine mount for 351

    Still looking for anyone with one
  2. Herman

    351w cam shaft

    It's going to be fun. I pretty much need everything for upgrading. I'm looking to change the cam and carb setup
  3. Herman

    351w cam shaft

    Nice!!! I'm just building a "low budget" junkyard car for fun
  4. Herman

    351w cam shaft

    I'm pretty sure this isn't roller. I was questioning using 5.0 parts for a 5.8L engine but didn't get the research in yet to find out if it would work
  5. Herman

    351w cam shaft

    I'm putting in the 351w into my junkyard 240 I picked up from someone as a parts car. The experience is new to me and I'm reading up on the forums to help me with it. That being said, I'm replacing all the gaskets on the engine bc it's the smartest thing to do for CHEAP. I'm looking to put a better cam in there while I replace gaskets, WITHOUT having to take the running engine to the machine shop to get bored over. If anyone has a better then stock cam that they are looking to get rid of, please let me know. I know I can buy them new or on eBay for cheap but I prefer to Ash car guys for good used parts to help them get cash for their builds. Please let me know
  6. Herman

    351 Windsor build

    I'd love to see what it looks like now. I'm putting the same engine into my 71 240 I picked form a guys yard as a parts car
  7. Herman

    WTB Engine mount for 351

    Anyone know someone who might have one?
  8. Herman

    WTB Engine mount for 351

    I just picked up a 71 240z and a 351w with transmission. I am looking to see if anyone has the mouting setup before I buy it brand new. Please let me know if you have anything. Thanks
  9. Herman

    VG33ET S30 swap

    I've read this post and some from other sites about putting the VG33 sc into an S30 and I get the idea that the stock hood won't fit. My question to this group is, can it be done and can it be reliable? I only ask this bc this engine was in my father's truck. This was his last vehicle before he passed and I was thinking about building ANOTHER Z as a complete tribute to him and in his name. Taking the engine and puting that into an s30 and then switching over the leather interior into the s30 as well. Whatever it take's to have a running memory and tribute of my father. But I just need to know IF I start this, can I do it and will it be reliable? Fuel millage and all that are a none issue when it come to this potential build
  10. Herman

    z31 ac install

    I already have my '74 Z and I'm in talks with a friends father to buy his 87 300zx NA as my daily driver, but he told me that it doesn't have ac. Is it possible, easy and cheap to add it into the car? I live in Sacramento and I can't go without AC. Today alone is 106* and t-tops just won't cut it. I have read that you guys have put 90's honda ac units into z30's and they worked good, but I haven't seen anything about z31's.
  11. Herman


  12. Herman

    Miata Seats Installed with Instructions

    Thank you for all this information. I am using it to try and install the early MX5 seats in my early 260z. Not as simple as I assumed it would be
  13. Herman

    Off-loading parts, lots of stuff!

    Do you still have the shift knob?
  14. I definetly get you on the car Karma portion of it, but I was sold via CL. I just needed and liked that advice from everyone on here bc I already have 3 engines and was curious if I should just build a drag/strip car
  15. So I have my 260z and I 3 engines and transmissions for it (stock/original engine and tranny, a second L26 and tranny, and a "drift modified" sr20 and tranny). I have the stock engine being overhauled and rebuilt right now while I have the second L26 under the hood right now and driving on it, but I am wondering if it is worth my time, effort or money to have it built back up to ever swap out my stock engine with or if I should just sell it off. The sr20 was built up by a mechanic that had it in his drift car before he wrecked it. But I don't know if I want to take the time to switch it out with the stock/matching numbers engine that I will be putting back into my 260z in Feb. and I was looking for anyones advice or input