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  1. UPDATE!!! Well the past few months i have been doing very little work on my Z. my son was born may 20th, so i have been busy with him. The z runs, but only for 6-7 mins at a time. ITS STILL overheating. so.... im goin to try something else. since i want mine as a daily drive with an AC, i removed the AC coil and am going to look for a smaller one and have custom lines made for it. i tested just having the rad in without it and it ran just fine! the ac is blocking all the airflow. so im hoping to get a smaller one and sit it up front further ahead where i put the second rad. which has been remo
  2. Got it all together yesterday. All the gauges work and are tuned, flushed the cooling system and it now works great. it'll be on the road as soon as i have money to licsense it.
  3. SO about the mega squirt. What kinda sensors and stuff do you need since you have a distributor. i can not find anything on an efi system that doesnt use some kinda eletronic computer gaget instead of the distributor.
  4. Did some house cleaning today. I havent cleaned the engine bay since i put it together. Im waiting on a NA tach so i can tune it to work with the v8. The TT tach wouldnt do a thing, so i scrapped it. I dont think the trim pot on the TT Has a wide enough range. So after i get the NA tach in and tune it the car will FINALLY be on the road. I have a feeling this summer is gonna be alot of fun. NEXT FALL-BODY WORK
  5. Thanks John C, and Twin Turbo. Been trying toget ahopld of you forever lol. i tried to hook up my twin turbo tach and got nothing, like it was back feeding, i just bought a NA tach on ebay and it will bolt right in so im hoping to have better luck with it. Did you happen you hook the gauge up by itself or is it still through the wire system on the back? i was just thinkin this shouldnt be this hard. groud wire, signal wire, and i got nothing on my TT tach. so hopefully its different on the NA one.
  6. Here is some pics of the new radiator setup. I mounted the civic radiator on an angle as TOP FUEL of japan always seems to do with their intercoolers and rads. its suposed to catch more air that way. i Just looped them together one right after another. hopefully it will do the job. i will pry attempt to tune my tach again tomarrow and the engine will heat up during that process so i will have to see how it goes.
  7. Go ahead ask away. Yep i did have to massage the firewall back alittle by the distributor, and around the tranny in a few spots cuz i skooted everything back 3 inches to have more room up front pry should have went 4 inches now that i look at everything tho. keep that in mind. so what model are you gonna do your swap on? and what tranny will you be using. i put a link up of dans mounts. i dont have any of mine. but i may be redoing some things this summer so maybe then. Update- So the v8 has been running a little hot for my taste, and im crammed for space for a radiator and cant seem to
  8. I dont have any pics of mine. You do know that the ls1 mounts are different right? but i do know where some pics are of another swaps similar to mine... http://s164.photobucket.com/albums/u17/DanShields_2007/ Dan Shields, i dont know him but he put an lt1 one in and he has a few helpful pics. hope it helps. let me know when you get it done. i hope to have an ls1 in mine someday.
  9. OK so im stuck. im in the middle of trying to tune my tachs trim pot so it will work with my v8. However im not a wiring person at all. All a tach needs is a 2 wires right? a ground and a signal wire from the distributor. i hooked em up and i got nothing. any suggestions?
  10. So that little white blur is the trim pot? im in the process of trying to tune mine i need all the info i can on adjusting it. what did you have to rewire? can i hook the tach directly to the distributor? if so what do i need to do?
  11. lol. 3 c4s. all modded im guessing. honesty i gotta say anyone that wants to do this swap... its not that hard as long as you know boths sides of the story. you gotta know the z, and you gotta know the v8 you are putting in. its more time consuming than anything and mine only took this summer to do. i mean i still have to do a few things, but for the most part its done. Im building a 383 stroker for it pry go efi with gm ram jet intake. i dont know why i just love those things. still gotta do the body work. and a little wiring here and there. As for the room up front. if you look close in a pi
  12. Here is the pics there is a lot so they may take awhile to load.
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