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  1. Beautiful build! Love the colour choice!
  2. We have yet to sort out the belt/tensioner just yet. It sounds like a Juke belt might be workable. We are also relocating the oil filter to be remote and use a GTR type filter to work with the thermostat type adapter. Steering I think we had no major issues with, its primarily getting the engine in the right spot and having the right header design.
  3. Progress has been slow but the car can be pushed around right now Work on wiring up the gauges, wiring harness etc is basically under way now. The frame for the fuel cell needs a couple more brackets and powder coat. Getting pretty close to sending back for paint Silicone intake hoses are probably coming out...but wanted to show a picture of where it is at.
  4. Final top coat done over the lizard skin to get it darker and protect it a little bit. The body is in primer but no sanding on it yet. Not until its ready for final paint and assembly. She is finally ready to go to a new temporary home where we can turn it into a car. Will be nice as I can help work a fair bit more on the mechanical side of things.
  5. You probably follow Langesshop? That's Chris the man doing basically 100% of the body and paint work
  6. Sound and heat insulation where it counts. Probably going to do a semi gloss black top coat for the underside of the car just to make sure none of the grey is visible.
  7. Seam sealer and more prep for lizard skin :)
  8. Engine bay/roll bar done in PPG GM black. Outer body is just sanded slick sand, still got some shine to her though even before primer
  9. Dry ice and vapor honing. We got a great local business here who does a hell of a job with that stuff.
  10. Metal work is pretty much done, bad dog frame rails are welded in as well just don't have photos of them at the moment.
  11. Was about $2200. I am sure I won`t regret it all when its done, but definitely an LS also fits much better, no issues with hood latches or the cross member.
  12. Sounds crazy! Congratulations on finishing this heroic build Mark; absolutely beautiful car, hope you enjoy it for years and years to come
  13. Upper radiator support changed to a bolt in style for much easier engine pulls and install. Moar slick sand, part of the battery tray removed...things are rolling along Also picked up a new daily last week to replace my Mazdaspeed 3 which I am now selling. 2018 Golf R, dark violet pearl, im digging the colour, very comfy...a little too comfy...and I know everyone here knows exactly what I mean..unlike many other online car forums
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