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  1. Amazing news on that ABS system. I see what those sell for brand new... wow!
  2. Big colour reveal ❤️
  3. Its prime time now Getting ready for paint soon which is really the most exciting thing of the whole build. Some sample paint on order, gonna do the old hood in sample first before moving forward.
  4. The car is getting closer to being ready for paint. There was a lot of time lost; we are now on hood #3 as unfortunately the previous one when sent for blasting they put too much heat into the hood and it was destroyed. Chris has now put in a lot of work on the 3rd hood, getting rid of all the cancer.
  5. Fenders before and after cutting. Also getting the newer TTT hubs which should require a good bit less spacer to fit the wheels.
  6. Getting closer to paint.
  7. Got the fuel cell from Fuel Safe and the surge tank/pump from Radium. We will probably get our pedals figured out when the car comes back from paint which its going back there next week. Might just get some Tilton pedals and I think the sensor from the factory pedal can be swapped into a Tilton DBW pedal somehow.
  8. Couple more pieces back from powder coating, that cutout above the fuel cell we will basically just glue it down since it is not structural anyway. EDIT: Tried to upload a video of it running, apparently the file isn't compatible with the forum, though it does start and run! We need to get this thing tuned properly before it is driven again, ended up getting an Ecutek so we can tune with that given the cam changes (JWT C2).
  9. Looks like you had a hell of a lot of fun doing that race
  10. Some Vibrant stainless pieces getting puzzled together. We may not get this done completely until the car comes back from refinishing, likely going to get a nice titanium piece from Tomei for the muffler.
  11. Such a clean build! Love the 620 project too
  12. Not sure if they are still selling, the website is up. Fitment was not as advertised, definitely takes a lot of work to make it fit anywhere close to as good as stock. Unfortunately they also shipped gloss finish even though matte was requested. So it created a lot more work to refinish. You do not want a shiny dashboard, seems not only like it would be annoying but unsafe.
  13. Dash is made by retrospec, definitely had some extra hours put in to making it fit this good, hope there are no major issues with gaps when we have it all done.
  14. Getting there, lots of tedious stuff to do. One thing I think we will do is order an aftermarket pedal set including one with DBW as the 370Z pedal is really quite awkward for the small foot wells. Looks out of place. Fuel is basically sorted out, oil sorted. We are going to test fire this engine with the clocked tensioner and belt before mentioning which belt we used just because we are not 100% it will not make noise with this set up we have and don't want to steer anyone in the wrong direction. But as it is, I am happy with the look, the belt is tight, I think it will work.
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