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  1. I was also wondering something to this effect. I feel like the drifters abuse the crap out of axles being super low, clutch kicking, etc.
  2. Interested to see where this goes too.
  3. Oh, that makes sense. 240z uprights/strut assembly. Like for someone to cut and make coilovers out of. SUs, dirty but functional. Came from running car and includes all linkages. P90a head, looks alright but may want to have it cleaned up. N42, basic shortblock. P79 head, off the same running car. Dirty but ran good 4 speed, unknown miles but never had a hiccup.
  4. What do you guys think these should go for in Northern California? 240z front and rear struts SU round top (complete from running car) P90a head N42 block P79 head 4 speed Z trans and driveshaft
  5. Not really supposed to sell stuff outta here, but I sent you a PM. Also, can someone point me in a direction of donating to the site?
  6. L28et Picked up locally, in good shape, but missing a few things. L28et with T5 pulled from a running 280zx, honestly unknown history but it drove with good power until we pulled it L24 with rod knock and round top SUs What do you guys think as far as pricing goes?
  7. When this becomes a thing I wanna be part of it.
  8. Definitely in the same boat. Still a possibility?
  9. Well now that you mention it, the "N" is looking more like a W.... and apparently its from a Maxima.
  10. I know L series blocks are similar-ish, but I am just trying to define what engine I have L24, L28, or maybe some frankenstein combination. -Car is a 72, with round-top SU's -Head is a P79 -Block is a N24 I googled N24 for a bit and only found a handful of people that essentially looked like a typo in an attempt to write N42. Maybe I'm reading it wrong? Pictures: Im obviously a noob, but any help is greatly appreciated. Here's a picture of the car.
  11. Imaginary internet points for you! It was a little bit of a pain to pull the booster off again, but you were right. Here I thought I was doing something wrong with the adjustment of the plunger rod. The reaction disk was the problem. Im amazed what a little piece of rubber does.
  12. So Im fairly new to this but Ive done a good deal of searching, and will continue to after this post. 72 240z, no brake mods First, I started having really tough braking combined with a hissing noise and idle speed jump. Searched and everyone says brake booster is the culprit. Prior to this issue, the brakes felt very normal ie. had progressively more pedal pressure depending on how hard you wanted to stop (like every other car). So I hunted for a reman'd 240z found one and ordered it. I got excited and put it in following instructions found online. Hopped in and took it for a slow test ride. Discovered very little brake feel until the very end of the throw then it was really grabby. Fiddled with the plunger rod and ended up having to swap tips (the old booster had a much longer tip), but still didn't solve the problem. Searched again and found that the "reaction disk" missing had very similar symptoms. The obvious solution was to grab the reaction disk from the old booster and put it on the new one. Low and behold, there's no reaction disk on the old booster..... go to check the new one and its missing too. Common? So now Im stumped because the old booster didn't have a reaction disk and brakes felt fine until the booster started leaking. Im thinking of going to the JY and trying to find a reaction disk. Any ideas on what to do now?
  13. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/44905-1969-sss-coupe-rusty-bird-20000/
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