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  1. Hottex

    1973 Datsun 240Z

    HOUSE OF KOLORS KANDY TANGERINE. 17” wheels, BC coilovers, Apex rear control arms, Z Depot front control arms, Skillard Splitter .L28 with carbs and a 5 speed.
  2. Would you mind sharing details of your wheels (make, diameter, width, offset) and tires?

    It's a very nice look.  Love the color as well.  Planning to do mine the same way (HOK, candy, etc.) just in red.

    1. Hottex


      Hello, about my wheels they are Konig 17x7  running on Cooper Zeon RS3 225/45/17

    2. ETI2K
  3. Early morning Sunshine on my 240Z‼️😎

    © Hottex

  4. Hello, I’m looking for a Inspection Light Lense, or how to build one out of something. Thanks, Ricky
  5. Hottex

    I like these hood vents.

    Motor sports hood vents.
  6. Spring Car Show, packing up.😃
  7. Spring Car Show. K&N air filter in a custom built housing,. Powder coated in near chrome. 4 eagle eye running lights in bumper. LED headlights behind clear covers.
  8. Spring Car Show. Skillard, Threshold and stuff plates. Custom aluminum door panels with speaker pods and covered with Datsun Emblem stitched in. Near Chrome powder coated rear tail light panels and front grill.
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