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  1. Eibach coilover springs 12 inch, 2.5 in, 175 lb/in. Both for $50. Local pickup. Could ship if you want to pay actual shipping costs. San Mateo, CA Thanks for looking, Ben
  2. DATSUN - KONI Sport Adjustable Gas Strut, Rear, 74 260Z 2+2, 9/74-78 260Z-280Z. I bought these new from Motorsport Auto - The Z Store. https://www.thezstore.com/product/4297/koni-sport-adjustable-gas-strut-rear-74-260z-2-2-9-74-78-260z-280z Ordered October 2023. I ordered the wrong ones. I didn't realize I needed shorter ones for sectioned strut tubes. I had to reorder the ones for rear 240Z, those fit well. Mechanic tried to install one but it was too long. That one is cosmetically scratched up. The other is brand new. I paid $373 shipped. I'll sell the two for $250. Prefer local pickup. May ship if you want to pay actual shipping. Thanks for looking, Ben
  3. Thanks. I have seen those from Barrel Brothers. I do check eBay and Yahoo Japan. Seems like 73mm are hard to come by or a little too expensive. Ben
  4. This is what I'm looking for. Doesn't have to be new but hopefully something I can give a fresh coat of paint and put on.
  5. Hello, I am looking for 1-4 Watanabe RS8 73mm center cap(s). I have 3 and need one more but would love to have some spares. Shoot me a shipped price to 94403. TIA, Ben
  6. Hello, I'm looking for a 280Z hood for my 1975. Can be metal or fiberglass. LMK a shipped price to 94403. TIA! Ben
  7. @NC240ZI never did receive a refund. Bank of America declined my dispute because of the time that had elapsed.
  8. I would ask for a refund ASAP and try to get your money back via dispute with PayPal or your credit card. Don't let it drag on. Lots of false promises from Mike. I put too much faith in his word and Bank of America declined my credit card dispute because too much time passed. I ended up going with an MFactory unit and had it installed locally.
  9. When you put the JTR front motor mounts in, did it drop the engine lower a bit? I have a fiberglass hood with a cowl induction hood. I'd like to get a stock hood on but the engine sits too high right now.
  10. Very nice! I wish I had all the skills and time for a nice project like yours!
  11. Next up, hopefully some new shoes.
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