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  1. Next up, hopefully some new shoes.
  2. Been working on the interior. Carpet, seats, some gauges, shifter, steering wheel.
  3. Got the MFactory LSD installed.
  4. After my experience with Whitehead and Bank of America, I would email Whitehead and ask for the money back and start a claim with your credit card company.
  5. I thought about small claims but seemed like a lot of fees and I imagine low likelihood of collecting. I'm not on a smear campaign. 3K hurts but I've written it off. The thing that really sux is the delay in time to get LSD in my Z. Just got an MFactory installed in my 3.54 diff last week. Now to go rip!
  6. Sorry to post again. This will likely be the final update. Still no refund. Credit card company (BofA) was not helpful. Deemed that too much time had passed. Buyer BEWARE!
  7. grannyknot I appreciate you making Mike aware of the feedback. I still have not received a refund and will update if I do. Ben
  8. If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area and looking for someone to help with the install, I went to Pete's Gear Shop in Hayward. He does the builds for Troy Ermish.
  9. I know this is an old post but I ordered from Mike at Whitehead based on the feedback here. I ordered a rebuilt R200 3.7 with a Quaife LSD in September 2020. After 6 months of getting the run around and still no diff, I asked for a refund. Now 5 weeks later and no refund. I know lots of things can happen and COVID has thrown a wrench into many things. I think I've been more than patient and I'm still hoping Mike will take care of this but for now, I wanted to leave some feedback.
  10. Just a little feedback thus far. Paid on a Friday, shipped Tuesday, delivered Thursday. Next to get it installed and rip!
  11. Just picked up a 1975 280Z in November 2019. Had to replace the 15+ year old tires. The rims were 0 offset 16x7 Enkeis. I put 205/55/16 BFG g-Force Comp-2 A/S on them. She has GC coilovers and stock shocks. The rears would rub if I hit a big bump. I want to go lower and am hoping to get the fender opening even with the top of the tire. I didn't want to roll the fenders. It was hard to find info on how much offset I could go to push the tires in. I visited WheelTech and they were VERY helpful. They actually put my tire on a 16x7 +22 Rota RB to see if they wou
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