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  1. Im in the process of deciding on a swap kit and am leaning towards the cx racing kit (i like the trans mount design and the relatively inexpensive exhaust system). I live in central CA and will need a/c in the car, is my only option the dirtydingo sandon 508 bracket? I've seen some info about a bracket from JCI but can't find any info about it on their website. are they still making these? I'm assuming the stock location will not fit? sorry if this has been covered, I tried the search functor but it won't search for "A/C" and no one seems to actually spell out "air conditioner" in their post
  2. i may have missed it but what radiator are you using? your work looks really good too btw
  3. add me to the list for the next set as well as your front caliper bracket.
  4. looking for a 240 shell or roller close to southern california. mostly looking for a good low rust body. budget is $2500 max for the body/roller, the cheaper the better. pm me or email estevenson121@gmail.com thanks
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