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  1. Just checking in! Car progress is still in session, here are some update pictures:





  2. Bodywork and paint included, it was around 6k for everything!
  3. One last thing!! HERE IS WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE BEFORE: I have a build thread on my profile if you're interested in all the details but I thought some before and after pics would be cool!
  4. Sorry, forgot to add in these pictures as well. I think the color changes so much between natural and indoor lighting, as well as when direct sunlight hits it!! Absolutely insane, I love it. 😍
  5. A little background info: car was stock when I bought it from NC, with 80k on engine frame rails replaced undercoating redone floor pans replaced tub scraped, repainted, dynamat l28e replaced with rb20det rb20det with new intake manifold, exhaust manifold (soon to be replaced turbo, injectors, coils) custom exhaust I'm in the process of putting the engine back together and then it is getting dropped back in. Then will put in some coil overs, even though bags would be INSANE on this car. Then tires, wheels, some small other changes, a
  6. Hi Guys! I just wanted to show off my new body kit and paint job and hear what you guys think! As well, if you have any tire and wheel suggestions I would love to hear them, along with any other comments you may have. Thanks for checking out my baby! -Julia
  7. Hey guys! It's been a while but I just wanted to upload some pictures of the finished paint job. It's all nice and shiny! All it needs now is a wet sand and buff and it's all mine to pick up. The glass is getting put in in a couple days so I'll post some more pictures when I get them!
  8. I really like how the paint changes color in the light. In a dark setting its more of a copper base and in the light its a nice orange. I almost had the engine bay painted black as well but after all the hard work put into making it smooth I opted to keep it orange. The frame rails and bumper ends were painted black. Like I said, clear coat is still to come and then the glass is getting put in and its coming back to me!!😊
  9. Hi all, It's been a while but now all the bodywork is almost done, I thought I would give a little update. The car needed a lot more attention after we last talked. The fiberglass had multiple pinholes in it after the primer and sealer, so we had to fill and sand again, fill and sand again. Primer again, seal again, and then over here in CT we had about a month and a half of humidity and horrible weather. Not ideal for paint! THEN THE TIME CAME!! I'll cut to the chase and show some pictures. This was just after paint, it still needed to be clear coated
  10. Thank you I appreciate it! It definitely does sit very low which is kind of what I wanted. I think when the suspension is all finished and tire and wheels are on its gonna look insane! I can't wait to see.
  11. The next night I stopped by to take a look at my baby in person, and let me say, the pictures do not do this car justice! Before this, I was trying to decide whether I liked the look of the car with no bumper, and I do, or if I wanted to add a bumper. I think I decided to put the bumper ends on to give the front end some contrast. I also propped the grille in there just to see how it would all look and DAMN I am psyched!! This is gonna be awesome! He said the next step is attaching the front bumper ends, either making them permanent or detachable. Either works for me,
  12. Alright, so after I got the last pictures I was ACHING to see the car all one color! I just wanted to get an idea of how nice the body kit looked without all the colors distracting me! Then, a couple days ago, at around 11pm I got the NICEST text message. My body guy said he had finished up all the body work and was just about to primer it!! Within an hour or so, I got the coolest pics ever. Take a look and see how awesome the car looks! I WAS SOOOO HAPPY. The car looks insane. It looks like the wide body kit came stock on the car and that's exactly what I w
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