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  1. I have a set of axles if you still need them. I sold my Z so these won't be needed. I can get pics if you need them.
  2. Crisis overted my friends! Upon closer inspection I realized that heat was the cause of the contact sinking below the surface of the socket. The part that holds the contact is plastic so I fought fire with fire. I used a soldering iron with a dab of solder on the end and touched it to the contact. It then melted the plastic enough to move the contact back to its original position. I win!! Ha ha
  3. It has 3 wires going to it and holds a dual element bulb. The problem with mine is one of the contacts in the bottom of the plug has sunk down below the surface of the socket and won't make contact with the bulb
  4. I tried 3 different parts stores. I even made Oreily's break out the book and they didn't have or were able to order one.
  5. Anybody have a tail light socket for a 1978 280Z. I need one super quick. Please let me know. Thanks.
  6. I'm in need of a black drivers side a pillar interior piece. Both the screw holes broke on mine and now I need a replacement. Thanks
  7. Thanks! It was a good car show. There was a very diverse group of cars that showed up. They kept on pouring in.
  8. My Z got a short spot on 1320video's new ice cream cruise video. It's a short 2 second spot but it's there. LOL https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tRbxLiSqkfM
  9. Here's Ken Block's transmission. I couldn't find a price on it but I bet it costs a lot. It looks like it even has a dry sump oiling system on it.
  10. After watching Ken Block's new Gymkhana 7 video about 50 times it really got me a thinking, how could an LSX AWD drive train be installed in a Z car. Wouldn't it just be the meanest freakin car around? Except for the Hoonicorn of course. I did a little digging and found a few pics of a Trailblazer SS front diff setup and it's pretty darn compact and interesting. The diff itself bolts onto the side of the oil pan and then an intermediate shaft runs thru the pan to the other side where it connects to a bearing. Although the oil pan will probably hang down way to far, I bet some of the parts
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