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  1. I have a 88 300 zx CLSD putting into a 260Z and I have the R180 moustache bar which ........doesn't want to work. Anybody willing to sell a R200 Moustache bar?
  2. There are dozens of posta and build threads for strong rear end setups on this forum. I am using a R200 from a Q-45 with mounts and other goodies from technotoy-tuning. The info is all here, just searcharound

  3. have a 72 240Z convertible for sale. Thought you might have an interest...motivated seller.

  4. Hi there, you say you're parting out your car. Is it still together all the way or have started taking it a part? Could it drive all the way to Wisconsin ? Sir C
  5. Way to Go Deja! How about some more pix? Is that a red engine start button from a Honda S2000?
  6. Hi everybody, I've been researching this topic and it seems back in 2000 and 2001 it was a hot topic. I'm curious how many of you followed up and actually did the conversion on a 240/260/or 280Z and made it work. My project is a 260Z with an LT1 and want to put in PS and it seems the Subaru is the one to go with. Anybody have some experience there they would like to share? :burnout:THe Ford rack procedure seems to require welding the tie rods. (makes me nervous) THe miata version seems ok but not much out there. Anybody have comments and pictures? Thank you!
  7. Hi there, my 74 260Z was the 1st car I ever owned. 17 yrs later I've amassed an LT1 + T56 and JTR book and appropriate parts. I've been checking out this website for days now making notes and building an excellent reference for the project. (whoever dreamed up this website should be declared a saint!) It seems that over the years more and more of you builders/engineers/gearheads/ have put together some amazing combinations. Since I already have the LT1 (2 sets with T56's) I'm kind of committed to using the LT1 even though the LS1 sounds like a lot more fun even if it is more expensive. So my question as posted is has anybody successfully completed a 240/260/280Z LT1 with A/C and power steering? I'd like to do this project twice. Once for my wife and then convert my 1st car. I won't take it apart until I've done this once already. Anybody?
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