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  1. Ok...the swap isn't for a z car but hopefully some of my nissan bretheran might have one of these intakes available. Needs to be from an s12 200sx w/vg30e motor... No other variants will work for my project (more like I don't want to make them work). Pm me if you have one of these.
  2. The oil pump shaft was 180 off!!! I have no freakin' clue how that happened, I am perplexed how it ran fairly well in the parts car ( even with a huge hole in the efi intake manifold that was plugged up with crud). Im still a tooth off but it atleast runs now, probably gonna have to rebuild the carbs but I'm happy with some progress finally. Thanks for the input, looks like my next step is open a credit line with ztherapy.
  3. I'm lifting the pistons up when spraying into the carbs...timing sounds like the next step. It just seems like if the timing was off it would still pop...Is the timing different enough from an l24 that I would need to re stab the oil pump shaft? I'm using the transister ignition also...Should I just hardwire the coil?
  4. Yes, as well as good spark at the plugs.
  5. Picked up a rusted out 280z donor car with good motor, got it to run on with efi intake on it ( just with carb cleaner through the tb). Pulled that motor and dropped it into my other car with su's slapped on it...I have spark, timing has not been changed/messed with , new plugs, wires cap/rotor fuel not hooked up yet...im just looking for signs of life with starting fluid until i get a low pressure pump. I can't get a single pop out of it, firing order has been checked several times....I am stumped to say the least. Car/motor are 77'
  6. No turbo, forgive my ignorance but there is no way they can interfere with exhaust valves correct? ( I have never had an n47/p79 apart)
  7. I was degreasing the motor out of my parts car and noticed two of exhaust port liners are pretty darn loose...Do they need to be secured for safe operation?
  8. I don't know why everyone rips on the sound of a 4 banger...yes a six is more robust, but an sr20det (with stock exhaust manifold) has a distinct head turning "growl" not as peaky or as obnoxious as other turbo 4's. As far as sexy sounding sixes, l28et's are about as blah as you can get...slightly better than a tractor, the turbo "whistle" is it's only saving grace in salvaging audible interest. Having messed with sr's and et's I lean towards sr's from a performance aspect (stock vs stock) and weight savings. I dont see how wiring and tuning ms is much easier than wiring in an sr...if you had enough know how to setup up ms and properly tune your setup wiring up hybrid swaps shouldn't be a deal breaker.
  9. I'm already kicking my self in the ass going with the pacesetters after having to modify every single one of those stupid spacers they come with... My next issue looks to be being able to hook up my msa twice pipes.It looks like there is little to no room to join the headers to the exhaust once the transmission is on ( maybe with some really scrawny u-bolts). My buddy has a set of 3-2's ( unknown brand) and a mile of room between the bell housing and the collectors....are my pacessetters bent or are clearance issues the norm with them? Engine is f54 block and p79 head into 77 280z
  10. At that boost level I wouldn't worry...an fmic is never really a bad idea at lower boost levels, but sometimes the bling factor outweighs the benefits.
  11. Im too lazy to post the link to my thread on wiring help, search for my threads under my username... Seems like my harness was way worse and i still got it to go with help from cgsheens posts... I had issues other than wiring in the end and ended up bagging it but was very helpful info.
  12. I did have a bad ignitor at first, swapped in an hei setup and it fired...solved that, then after that no spark, i did the cas test per cgsheens instructions on another post and found it was bad. I swapped in the n/a distributor i had laying around and it popped and back fired, looks like it didn't time the oil pump shaft correctly. Ill get it timed and roll with it until i can find another turbo dizzy.
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