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  1. I... I am so damn jealous of you lucky sods hah. Where I live in the UK, it's damned expensive to buy pretty much anything. Cheapest Z's around (read S30's) are asking about £7k and that's for a 'needing restoration' state. Anything that's had even a tiny amount of work done or is lucky enough to have been restored completely is in the region of £12k+. I've even seen up to around the £24k mark. Being that I'm also a poor ass IT student working my ass off on a BSc degree in networking, holding down a part time volunteer job at a private school and doing part time work elsewhere, having to pay for everyday stuff and kit pretty much eradicates anything that would resemble 'funds'. But sometimes, I will just sit and stare at photos... Did I mention I daydream of driving an S30 round? Apart from purchase cost, insurance for something like an L26 is around the £1.2k mark per year if not slightly more (in a weird twist, insurance actually costs you more, yes more, AFTER passing your driving test of which I have yet to do because guess what, that costs a crap load here too) and that's not even factoring road tax etc. into the equation... Suffice to say, life's a bitch. While I'm here have a look at my current desktop: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62633079/scre.png And for those interested here is all the photos of Z's from Japfest @ Castlecombe circuit in the UK in May 2013 that I took: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1mfdaww7cd8bab2/tlAD6Ut82R And because they're all quite nice, the complete collection of photos from the same event: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/46ob4phej5f9vtc/MgT11-_TMm Note: If the photo collections would be better placed elsewhere please do tell me (similarly if they don't work, Dropbox can be quite finicky at times) as I am quite busy so I don't /always/ know where to stick stuff.
  2. Thanks seattlejester, that's some mighty fine advice you have there. On account of everyone's advice and funds I decided to send the email like I mentioned and will see it hopefully on Wednesday afternoon to check it out. I won't be buying it, haven't yet solidified a reliable (or even semi-reliable) source of income quite yet and with getting a new phone yesterday (my first new phone, nearly new, in over 5 years!), a fancy dress costume for a friends party and some other items I don't quite feel like spending anymore for a while. What I will do on Wed afternoon is take stock of the car and contribute to the ZClub.net forums with more details and hopefully photos of the car's condition so that someone who isn't just dedicated but who has money to be able to do it justice, can buy the car with the benefit of more information than the advert contains. Still, thanks for the advice guys. It was extremely helpful in making me realise the willpower I used in the past on waiting for items I desperately wanted. Hopefully soon enough, I'll get the final driving test done, crappy car bought and amass a large fund with which to buy a better Z (but still one that needs working on - after all, what's the fun in a car that needs nothing doing?). Thanks, Chris P.S. I mentioned giving the details to the ZClub.net forums on account of the fact the car is in the UK so please don't think it's because I'm trying to be nasty - if anyone here does want the details when I post saying I've been, I will gladly send them via a PM.
  3. Hi guys, I'm emailing the garage today to get a look-in on Wednesday afternoon (since a friend is going to pick me up - we'll both be at a new Uni campus, him for work and me from being shown around with others the new area, so we'll go to the garage afterwards - just after midday) and I'll grab a couple of photos if I can with his phone. Quick question: it did pass over my head that if they conceded it really does have far too much body rust to get the asking price would you say £500 would still be too much for the car as-is based on what can be seen from the photos? It did cross my mind I mind get antsy if they decide to chop it and I can't say yes or no because I'm not entirely sure if £500 would still be too much. BTW: @tecreatta, not having much of a social life isn't a worry for me! I don't really have one anyway since I don't tend to drink, go out drinking with friends or have a girlfriend (and I don't intend on getting one for a mighty long time). I just wanted an awesome project that I could learn a ton from doing and also have a car that I actually want to drive at the end.
  4. Hi guys, My first posting in a while, been busy for quite a few months since registering last year thanks to University work! I am here today to request some wisdom from those wiser than I! Since first seeing the Z I was entranced (as I'm sure everyone could gather from my previous conversations) and ever since have been trawling classifieds and various classics and other sites looking for one cheap enough to snap up (being in Uni I can only afford like a grand to actually buy the base car with - especially if I want to have a little money left to at least begin work on it with). Recently, I managed to find one and it's actually really close to me, to be more specific, it's even closer to where I attend Uni at! The listing claims it to be a 1977 260 but in the description goes on to mention it's a 2+2 so clearly they aren't too sure or knowledgeable about Z's. Also if I recall, I thought the 260 was only built in '74-'75? They've listed it for £1,495 which is somewhat cheaper than the tiny handful other Z's I've found in the UK - probably because those are restored tbh. However, it does have some extensive rust. Supposedly it's been in storage for a long time but has started so that's good but if anyone could pass opinion on the bodywork state and base off that a roundabout guesstimate on maybe what kind of average welding costs I could be looking at I would be HUGELY thankful. I would dearly like to do a full 'frame-up' restoration to an original state rather than alternative engines etc. except a few mods (like LED lights maybe?) which would be cheaper than buying a different engine or block, you get the idea, but first really, I need to know rough prices for welding so I can convince my dear father who's a stickler for rust. Here's the listing description and photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/kcwnxyra4b5172o/eLczmcN_aA I appreciate any help and advice given so thanks in advance! :3
  5. @camerashy: Registered on zclub.net now so I'm doing some poking around there and will introduce myself. Thanks for the help so far! Same for everyone who has contributed, I appreciate the advice.
  6. Wow, thanks. Yeah I guess I should. I guess I got hooked on the sheer amount of information here! Making an account soon as I post this reply! About the rarity comment, my friend actually showed me a page that tracked the records for registered vehicles in the UK and to be honest, it we slightly alarming seeing that there's less than 40 260z's in total iirc in the UK... Would love to grab this Z for sure if it proved to be as good 'under the hood' as it appears on the exterior so to speak. EDIT: Would this be the correct forums? http://www.theminiforum.co.uk/forums/forum/88-the-z-cars-garage/ Slightly confusing as it says The Mini Forums... Scratch that, it was my stupidity mistaking 'zclub' for 'zcars'.
  7. Looks awesome that link Laz! Many thanks for that. One question though, I know how to get to most every area easily enough but how would I go about getting to the frame rails easily? Would it be as simple as removing the interior carpet? If so, that's great news because I already decided to ask the guy to do so, so as to enable me to check the floor pans from the inside.
  8. Thanks, that helps a lot with deciding exactly how I should go about this, I was just worried about how hard/long it may be/take with checking out some areas of the car. I'm hoping there isn't going to be too much since it's up near the middle of the UK though it is still close to water kinda on the left so... Good point about checking it over, that'll be something I raise with the guy when I arrange a viewing if the car along with asking him if he's willing to post some more photos ahead of time and pulling the carpets up close to when I might get up there (since it's a 3 hour trip). EDIT: I grabbed all the photos from the guy that I had already and stuck them in a folder for everyone to see if they wish. Outer body looks fairly good but underneath not much clue, hatch might have a little rust around the catch and the engine/engine bay looks a slight bit iffy but not undoable. http://db.tt/Lvad5e2X
  9. Just come back and read the replies so far (at 02:45 no less - what can I say? I'm mad about this car!) and thanks for the great advice you guys have given. Tony - you explained the relation between condensation and panels quite nicely there! Guess now it's just a case of trying to scratch up a list of places to look for integrity and rust, this'll be the first time I've bought a car so yeah, to say I'm slightly paranoid would probably be a gross understatement. xD Trying to convince my parents also doesn't help... I keep explaining I'd so much rather have an S30 for a DD than something boring like a Saxo or Fiesta etc. To hell with the costs! This is deviating a little from the topic title (kind of) but would anyone have any tips on how to quickly access prime rust areas (such as the floor panels) in a few minutes without damaging anything. Thing is, because of the fact the Z I have my eye on is about 3 hours away I'm going to give the seller a call to arrange a viewing but what I'll do is agree on a price for the car *before* leaving here so that I can get the money together as I'm having to pull a few favours to get it all. Basically, (I rambled once more) so; TL:DR, I need ways to get to any possible/prime rust areas quickly in a non-damaging manner whilst viewing the car. Sorry for the mini essay and thanks guys! Time to get some sleep and return to reading the manual! xD
  10. Hi guys! Hoping to round up whomever I can find from the UK for this one. I'm still looking to purchase a Z I've had my eye on for a month or so (a 260z 2+2), and as such have been hurriedly doing a crap load of homework/research on rust etc. However, despite looking through the FSM, the Haynes service manual, the 'How to Restore Your Z Car' book in addition to this forums (which is bloody awesome by the way guys!) I haven't been able to find anyone mentioning what rust has been like for them in the UK. Plenty from peeps living in the US but as it's more humid out there (least I found it was in Florida on a holiday) rust is evidently more of a problem, but with the colder temps and much lower humidity in the UK I was wondering if anyone could shed light on their experiences. Many apologies for rambling! It's been slightly hectic since I haven't thought of much else other than the Z, I guess you could say it was love at first sight! xD
  11. Thanks for the advice guys, probably going to shelve the idea for now since monies tightened up. The guy never responded to my email on £1,500 and some more photos anyway so I gave up trying to chase it for now, I pretty much got my teeth knocked out anyway when a) my dear parents learnt of the fuel economy and saw how much the car was. For now I'm probably going to try and pick up something a little more modern and 'normal' - read 'boring' to work on and try and polish up, probably my mum's ol' Saxo if my dad and myself go ahead with the suggestion to buy her the Austin Mini I spotted (she's always loved them and owned one once a number of years ago). It saddens me to no end to not be able to pick this Z up - I'd do it in a heartbeat if I had the free cash but what with Uni which will end up being £18k after I finish all three years and then the costs for the rest of the driving lessons/test plus the extras I just haven't got the money now. Kinda wish I hadn't spotted this before now... On a different note: @morbias: I noted you're in the UK, whereabouts? I'm in the south-west. Wimborne, Dorset to be exact if you recognise it. @all: Off the tops of everyone's heads, are there any Z related events in the south of England? Or do any of you live nearby me within a certain range? I'd love to be able to meet up at some point maybe after I pass the test to get to actually see a Z for myself that isn't in a photo.
  12. Hiya guys (and girls!) Recently spotted a rather nice 260z, thing is, it's a 2+2 which doesn't bother me since I love the looks and the performance doesn't really suffer hardly. However, the listing says it's had a new stainless steel exhaust (how far through I'm not sure), new door sills, new headlamp cowls and something else that I forgot. Thing is, all the equipment looks to be original (and in just the kinda state you'd probably expect from interior that old) except for the carbs which are the round-tops from the 240z. On closer inspection of the engine bay photo from the listing it looks like there's a fair amount of rust. What I need advice on is how far you guys reckon it looks like its gone, if it's possible to salvage (and bets on if/how well it might run when I try it before buying) and how to set about treating this if I buy the car. I'm not entirely sure what details are wanted so for now I'll post the photos and if anyone wants any more details just holler (though I'll probably add some more myself anyway). For reference the guy wants £2k but I'm thinking of just offering him about £800 based on the state of the engine/engine bay (which almost has something that looks like bondo on the far side...) http://db.tt/zLgRsiQh http://db.tt/1gKwuRRh http://db.tt/RfN1Wzuv http://db.tt/g9GVuxg4 http://db.tt/bVIavZSx Many thanks for the advice/input guys! Jakk
  13. Only one word is needed for this and it's "WOW". Absolutely love the work you're doing to it at the moment! Keep up the effort, you're an inspiration to us all including myself.
  14. I must agree here too, I love the lines of the 2+2 also so it doesn't really bother me, even more so since in a few years I plan to drive my way from the UK to Tokyo for a break with a couple of friends. So yeah, the extra seats are useful. They don't detract from the appearance IMHO, merely make it unique.
  15. That looks amazing! And this is coming from me, I'd prefer to keep my 260z mostly stock but the beauty and sheer functionality of that RX2N gauge has my inner geek going mad. xD Do keep us updated with how it goes!
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