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  1. hi everyone, I am looking for the wiring harness that comes out from the fire wall it goes out to the headlights, side markers, turn signals, alternator, its the harness running down the right side. if anyone does have it please pm me or text me at 818- 3o7-1164 my name is Marco thank you.
  2. Clean ZX, And a really clean P-Type supra, Makes me miss mine.
  3. Hello everyone, i have been researching for a while now and can't seem to find my answer, maybe one of you can help me. so my issue with he thermo time switch is when i plug it on, the car stalls. if i leave it unplugged the car runs, but runs rough as i am currently trying to figure out my fuel injection issues. btw the car is a 78 280z. please help me, thank you for looking.
  4. sending you payment tonight around 11pm my time for the pads, lines, and calipers.
  5. are the brackets for an s30 rear rotor conversion? If so i got dibs. Better yet... can we work out a deal for the calipers, lines and rear bracket and pads?
  6. can you send me a pic of the connector to the ecu? if possible e-mail at marcoaperez91AThotmail.com, thank you.
  7. I thought the 78 ECU was a different part number? or is that the correct part number?
  8. what month 78 it is? and is the EFI Main harness in good condition? or at least complete? thanks.
  9. You say this will work with let's say, a viper alarm correct? and if so, would you recommend getting the alarm installed first or after this product has been installed? And also, will this work with a 78 280z? or just a 240z?
  10. Hate to bring this back, i bought a exedy oem clutch kit for i am guessing a 2+2? here are the specs: Disc mm: 240; Disc In: 9-1/2; Splines Dia: 1; Splines: 24, can i make the 225mm flywheel work with this kit? or do i need a 240mm flywheel? my other problem is that i am trying to buy a new flywheel from rockauto, they have the sachs and rhinopac flywheels listed under 280z 2+2 but have no size or info for them. anyone had this issue before?
  11. less than 50 would be cool i can buy a new one for 60$ shipped to my house http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/sku/Nissan/280Z/Sachs/Flywheel/1978/2-plus-2/6_Cyl_2-dot-8L/S2NFW5301.html?tlc=Engine+%26+Drivetrain&intcmpid=Product+Listings+Best+Seller
  12. interested on the radiator, will this fit a 280z?
  13. 5 SPEED? selling the flywheel?
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