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  1. hmm, well can you get a shipping quote to Riverside Ca 92507? Thanks
  2. Looking to buy a local n42 or e88 head. Can meet near Los Angeles or Riverside CA. Let me know what you have! Message or reply. Thanks!
  3. Hey, Im looking for a used BOV that someone wouldnt mind parting with. looking for something cheap like a 1g BOV ect. Located in Los Angeles, Ca. can also pick up from Riverside Ca. PM me to let me know what you have. Thanks
  4. Sent you an e-mail about pricing info. Thanks H. Berganza
  5. Anyone have the feed line flange to which the banjo bolt bolts onto the turbo?? Looks like this:
  6. Thanks! I'll be looking forward to the pictures.
  7. Hey, Im in search of a stock l28et turbo feed line preferably with the feed turbo flange included. I hope that makes sense. Im also looking for the turbo return/drain flange for the stock turbo with the two bolts. Looks line this: Located in Los Angeles CA and can pick up near Riverside CA as well. Thanks
  8. Hey, just looking for an 82-83 280zx turbo oil pump shaft. Located in Souther California, Los Angeles area. Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks
  9. Hey there, I'm looking for a l28et oil pump with a 82-83 turbo oil pump shaft. If any of you have any l28ets laying around, Im also looking for the T-fitting on the oil pressure sending units where the oil feed line connects to. Located in southern California. Los Angeles area. Thank you
  10. Hey there, just wondering if anyone out there has a salvage, working 280zx with an l28et in California. Thanks
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