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  1. Thanks guys, I'll be contacting him
  2. So, this 240 was spotted at the SpoCom event last week. I wanted to fabricate my own set of this pretty good looking diffuser but was wondering if anyone can find more pictures on it so i can get a general view of it from behind. Im totally perving out to this car
  3. Just purchased a 280z in ME. I'll be picking her up this weekend
  4. No worries Leon. After all, its for a legitimate reason
  5. I'm looking into a potential 280z in my area. Have high hopes for this one
  6. Thanks for the input Chris. With that being said, along with reading a bunch or random threads my preferred car would be a 280z now. I can't change the topic at the moment since I'm on my phone
  7. Forgot to mention I'm in CT if that helps
  8. What's up guys, I recently totaled my speed 3 and now I'm in the market and looking for a 240z mainly rust free. I wouldn't mind a 75-78 280z either. Car should be running or come with parts to make it run. Clean title would be great. I'd consider rollers too so shoot me a pm or something. Looking to spend around 4 grand including shipping if its necessary. Thanks, Binly
  9. Hey guys, As the title says, I'm looking to buy a first gen S30 Roller. Been HIGHLY interested in getting one over the past few weeks and I plan on it. Preferable minimal to no rust, most/all parts in tact with roller. If you have one with rust and has a few missing parts let me know. I don't discriminate and I sure can put a use to my welders and nibblers.
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