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  1. Hey guys! Sorry for not keeping you all up to date! I made a career change and I don't sit in front of a computer all day anymore. So in the past few weeks I have made some very good progress on the car. I put the engine back together and spray painted the block with 2K epoxy primer and 2K Titanium Metallic. Stuff works amazing! From now on that's how I am going to paint engines. It dries super hard and doesn't chip up when you tighten bolts down. Nasty stuff so make sure to use a respirator. I Finally made a set of engine mounts for myself! Also modified the oil filter housing to ac
  2. I've been making some small progress with the Z. Have a few other spring projects going on at the moment. I was able to install some gold foil tape from DEI on the hood and firewall to keep the heat out. It came out pretty good. The foil tape does not have any stretch at all and was a pain to install on the hood. Next I need to get the steering rack modified for manual steering, and then the clutch & brake master cylinders installed along with the hard lines.
  3. Great service at EFI Source! The MS3 Goldbox is manufactured right in Pennsylvania about 10 miles from my house! Anyone looking for a universal standalone should definitely take a look at the Goldbox!
  4. I finished up installing the new door glass, door gasket, handle, mirror. Next will be the driver side. Everything is going together quite nicely. I am picking up my MS3 Goldbox ECU and harness tomorrow. Engine should be done soon, and I should be getting my engine paint this week. Things are quickly coming together!
  5. I completely agree, installing the glass was a huge step in the right direction. Motivation is at an all time high! Started recovering the interior panels. It's slow, tedious work. I hope it turns out OK!
  6. This weekend was a big step in the right direction! My buddy came over and installed the windshield, hatch and quarter glass. It's really starting to look like a car again! Once the glass was in, I finished installing all the rear trunk and hatch panels. Then I rebuilt the T-Tops. I am hoping to pick up the engine & MS3 Goldbox ECU this week. Next up is reassembly of the doors and installing the new door glass.
  7. Haha yeah, hopefully a rollover isn't in my future!! Made some progress this weekend with the interior pieces, I also started installing the new carpet. What a pain! The rear trim pieces are all notched out for the roll bar and strut brace.
  8. Thanks 1969honda! Yes, I was very surprised/happy with how the entire roll bar fit. It was by no means a walk in the park though lol! Some more progress. I removed the old material from the door panels. It was a bit of work but ended beautifully. All the original foam stayed in place. Now time to shave the seat belt holes and then install the new material! I've been searching around for 3" Stainless universal X-Pipes and I stumbled upon brand new Melrose C5 3" 304 X-Pipe on eBay $75 shipped. Most budget friendly purchases made for this project to date! Not quite ready to put i
  9. Updates! I made some great progress. The harnesses are almost all complete, some odd's n ends that I need to straighten out but nothing major. I started putting the dash back together & added some insulation to keep some of the heat away from my feet. Then started the roll bar install. I decided to go with a Jegsters 4PT kit from a fox body mustang. It fit quite nicely after some measuring and cutting. Painted and ready for install: Works perfectly with the rear panels. I am going to recover all the plastic panels in the back eventually.
  10. Wiring update! So for the past week I've been going through the wiring and removing anything that I didn't want/need. Systems/Modules Removed: -E.C.C.S. -Automatic Transmission/Shift Lock -Power Steering -Cruise Control -Air Conditioning -Seat Belts -Fuel Pump Module -Rear Wiper/Washer -Fog Lights -Rear Power Antenna (I'm sure I'm missing others) I was able to finish the front body harness, and I am about 90% complete with the dash harness. I hope to have all of the harnesses complete by this week. Then install the new carpet and start going back together wit
  11. Finished up the rear body harness, now on to the front body harness and then the dash harness. It is annoying trying to trace the SB kickdown signal wire from the driver side front harness to the passenger side harness then into the passenger side dash harness to the gas pedal! Talk about the long way around! Anyways, it is very nice to see all of the automatic transmission wiring removed from the vehicle as well as many other unnecessary systems.
  12. I took an old set of Z tail harnesses and spliced them into the R32 tail light harness. I had to test them out! Now working on the interior harness, wire by wire. Removing anything I don't want or need. I am not sure about anyone else, but wiring is very relaxing for me.
  13. Alright guys! I brought my Z home from the body shop this weekend. Here are some pictures with the bumper placed on the front splitter. Not bolted up, but I had to see what she was going to look like! Enjoy! Started to remove the body harness so I can start fresh. Still have a long road ahead of me. Getting the project to this point has really brought back my motivation. More updates to follow!
  14. Progress at the machine shop. Engine is bored +.5mm and ready for honing! I'll be bringing home the Z from the paint shop this weekend.
  15. The tail lights have been all cleaned up and painted, and the entire car has been buffed. The front bumper is just about ready to be painted, then time for her to come home! So excited to get to work on something other than the body!
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