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  1. Finally after 3 1/2 year i found another datsun project! All new floor pans no rust in frame. Going to go with 5.3 z06cam and 76mm turbo. Powerglide trans on stock rear set up. Worst spot on the car is the doors are kind of rough. Stay tuned for more pics and progress.
  2. ls280z

    1973 240Z with Chevy V8 - Monguuz

    Did this deal go thru?
  3. had to weigh 3000lb at this race it weighed dead on 3000
  4. 1.32 60ft 6.06 @111.95 Think ive reached the flow limit for the stock ls1 intake. still on the 230 dru shot. Added 65lb to the nose helped it from wheelstanding couldnt believe how good the car worked.
  5. 9" ford with 4:10 gear spool big bearing aluminium pinion support and 33 spline moser axles
  6. yes that would be mine ill sell for 9000 with everything. 3000 as a roller. looking at another project. Everything is still in great shape and is driven on the street alot. actually have it at work today a 60 mile round trip on 93 octane.
  7. i hope you dont think i was trying to be rude i just keep searching for the record and cant find it. Looked everywhere . my kit is an old school muctang 5.0 dry kit with nozzle opened up for a 230 shot
  8. sunny z can u find the record? everyone on ls1 tech seems to think it is the record. im talking bone stock never had the heads off stock rings gaskets head bolts absoulutly everything. nitrous and cam only.. even stock injectors and intake stock truck ecm
  9. Got put out 1st round because of this whhelstand I'll post a pic later to show how high it actually was
  10. ill have to get some pics of it later. its old school done back in the 80s. air shocks and all lol
  11. bone stock 5.3 ls1 intake stock injectors 230shot dry nitrous 585 lift cam valve spring upgrade. pwerglide 350 gear with 9" ford rear. 76 280z weighs 2910 with me in it
  12. My home track brainerd optimist dragstrip will be having a outlaw 275 and street 275 class this sat. My car works great on radials. Swapped to a 4;10 gear tonight from the 3.50 gear. Hoping for my first 5 second pass sat. wish me luck.