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  1. i pretty much gave up on secondary fermenting except for certain beers, just leave it in the primary longer, and then cold crash it. i am not a huge fan of the fruit beers either. but i had a very intersting strawberry beer at right brain brewery in traverse city, as well as a basil beer that was surprisingly delicious for a little while. i run all grain on a very simple single infusion set up with 2 converted kegs and a 26 gal boil pot. and then i keg and bottle from there.
  2. i do a little extract brewing, but mostly all grain. but i can convert the al grain reciepies. what types of beers have you brewed and what would you like to brew? right now i have on tap... 1. a creamy Rye P.A. 2. imperial pale ale 3. Turkish imperial stout 4. coffee porter 5. ancho porter 6. summertime dunklweisse
  3. Looks good! good to see another custom v8 z in chicago. speaking of which i need to get back on mine.
  4. I am in the wicker park neighborhood of chicago
  5. with a high horsepower rear wheel drive car, you want a rear weight bias. for a racing aplication, as much as 60% to the rear.
  6. ok, I got my new switch in the mail and I am going to work on the car saturday, could there be any lingering problems from when he tried to jump start it with the leads swithced (other than the alternator might be burned out) that might keep it from running right?
  7. Thanks guys! I found a new ignition switch for $20 shipped so i think i will buy that and give it a shot, and i will check the wiring on the run circut again too! but with this set up there is not seperate coil, just the ignition pack in the cap of the distibutor, where woudl i hook the 12v feed in this case to test it? and could there be any problems casued by the owner trying to jump it wiht the wires reversed, other than the alternator?
  8. i am working on a 64 chevelle 2 door wagon, and it recently developed an ignition problem. the original engine has been switched to a later model crate 350 with an HEI ignition. i did not do the wireing so i am haveing some trouble tracing the work. any way, the engine will fire and start, but as soon as the key is returned to the run position, the engine cuts out. originaly the car had to be towed to the garage it is currently in due to rough to non existant idol and could not be driven home from where it was parked, even though it had been running fine a half hour before. afte
  9. some day i hope mine will be my favorite, but that just seems soo far off
  10. i just go the snow reports and loveland got 22" of fresh! i bet that slowed traffic up the pass and through the tunnel!
  11. Yea, not great for the z cars, but Arapaho Basin is open!
  12. i always kind of liked this for a drift car http://hotrodhomepage.com/?p=70
  13. a more typical way of making tubing froma fiberous material is a process known as filament winding, rather that using a mat or a weave sheet. http://www.entec.com/filament%20winding.shtml
  14. what ever the problem with the fuel draining, it started just this summer, and strangely enough right after a fresh fill up and using a lead substitute that we have never used inthe car before because track was out of the stuff that we normaly put in it. i dot realy think that this has anything to do with it, but it is a strange coincedance. i was hoping to avoid putting in an electric pump becasue the car is an all original survivor car, but it seems like that may be the thing to try. does the mecanical pump have a check valve in it that could have gone bad, or would it just be
  15. if this does not belong here, I am sory and ples move to the appropriate forum. I am working on a 1960 impala, and I just rebuilt the carb, a carter wcfb and it is running like a top, when it runs. it seems to be draining all the gas out when it sits for a couple days and will not start again unless i poor gas down the carb to get it going. this was a problem before I rebuilt the carb as well, but it runs much better now after the rebuild, but it is still dry after it sits for a little while. if it run one day, it will start the next, but not 2 or 3 days later. i replaced the ne
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