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  1. Did this one a couple of years ago.
  2. If you want fast Porsche videos that make you nervous how about this one. While this Lemans video says 917 some believe its a 962. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpFlE9PFTzs . Its said Mark Donohue sat for ten to twenty minutes after driving one of these at Le Mans to compose himself and control the shaking .
  3. This is correct. info. I would only add to be sure you have cleaned all the blasted metal with the proper agent extremely well and to follow with a chemical cleaning of the metal before priming . I recommend you view the bare body before its primed by anyone else to ensure any rust is properly tended to as soda doesn't remove rust only paint coatings. We have had several projects brought to our shop over the years that have been primed by the soda blasting company only to have to strip them down to bare and start over again because the rust' wasn't tended to correctly. All filling primer
  4. If memory serves me correctly each state has a "Department of Profession and Ethics " that is charged with keeping tabs on local law enforcement . If your town or local police officer isn't applying the law or is playing around with things they should be made aware of whats going on. But before you pull out a big gun make sure those who are charged with the responsibility of overseeing the behavior of the local officers are aware of things and allowed an opportunity to correct things . I know of police officials that would welcome feedback on how their patrol officers are handling situations a
  5. Your situation can get quite complicated especially since your not the registered owner of the car . In the best case the other party has a great insurance company and they will take care of things but I dont think this will be easily resolved. Was the other driver cited for anything and did they have coverage ? You will have some difficulty in dealing with the other parties insurance company because they will owe the damage repair cost to the vehicle owner and must make payment to him to clear the liability. Notifying the TRs owner of the incident is important for several reasons. If
  6. Just because someone has done it doesnt make it ok. It will fail. A properly executed hat channel would not have two pieces laid inside each other . Doing a replacement as suggested creates a corrosion hot spot and would not add any significant structural stiffness or torsional rigidity to the body. If this is such a good way of doing things why dont we see the auto manufacturors use this type of doubled up panel as part of their build process ?
  7. Most reds are some what tranparent and the level of transparency differs from brand to brand as well as product line. Lesser cost paints tend to need more coats for complete coverage . Many of the catalysed single stage colors are very user friendly , sand and buff nicely and have good lifespans. Stay with the higher grade products if you can as they have better UV protection , better gloss retention, ect. At $1100.00 you friend is being very cost consious. The amount of color needed can vary on the transparency issue and brand . 4 quarts should do the exterior and jambs but not under the h
  8. The seat being out maybe a minor issue . The anchor points and their supports are really not that strong and it could just be a bent lower track or support.
  9. Before making any decision you need to know what type of insurance policy you have . Market value , stated value or appraised value. SF sells all three. They all have different agreements on how value is determined, I hope the neighbor has a more knowledgeable and fortright staff there than they do here in Illinois. Determining the cost on a repair of this type will be challenging .and any competent shop will probably bill as time and material. Your neighbor wont like that and will try if repairable limit their exposure before repairs are complete. As far as damage goes you relly ne
  10. Take the time to read the appropriate part of your insurance policy that is appllicable to this loss. This is what will really matter most in your negotiation with the insurance company. Surprisingly many of the claims service reps dont completely understand what they owe under what part of the agreement. If in doubt ask them to " put it in wrting " . The verbal vs written answer can many times be different and to your advantage .
  11. It appears there is confusion on the proper usage of weld through primer . It should only be used in the immediate area of the plug weld . It is not to be used to replace ecoats or for rust prevention on parts other than the immediate heat affected area where the weld is being made. I have posted a link to the ICar website where all of the tech articles about welding are listed . Take some time to review these as they are great sources of info straight from the people that test correct repair processes on todays cars. This info is directly transferable to use on older cars. htt
  12. 060 Your misunderstanding the Mitchell estimating data software and how the info is gathered. Mitchell is not timing anyone and doing the math. They do very few time studies and the deeper you dig into the info the more flaws appear in the system. The base for times starts with the manufacturors warrantee labor guides. Are these accurrate or not ? Talk to some dealer ship techs and ask their opinion. There are so many variables as said in the first paragraph of the p pages . Remember these times are for replacement with new OEM undamaged parts on a new undamaged vehicle and the informat
  13. What makes you believe the body shop owner is dishonest ? Stateing he needs $600.00 to refinish a rear bumper doesnt make him a crook. I believe he is a business person that is aware of his operarting costs are and understands what is needs to charge for repair. You have a choice to conduct business with him or not. Simple as that. Unless you know what the competition may charge for this repair you cannot draw any conclusion as to if he is priced competitively or not. You may want to become aware of your true costs of doing business. Based on your statement you could ha
  14. You may find this article interesting as it is applicable in todays new autos and has relevance to replacement of welded panels in general. Advantage Online: 2011 Archives Figure 1 - Anti-corrosion compound is applied to enclosed interior surfaces with a wand using access holes. CORROSION PROTECTION TO STRUCTURAL PART INTERIORS There has been a longstanding recommendation to apply epoxy primer, as well as anti-corrosion compound, on the inside of rails and pillars and rocker panels as a last step for stru
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