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  1. NewZMan I don't know if this will help or not, http://www.nissanclub.com/forums/general-nissan-altima-discussion-1993-2001/216498-howto-manual-automatic-digital-climate-control-conversion.html http://www.chuonthis.com/cars/s14-dcc/ Good luck. Dan
  2. Hey Emwhyrohen. Since you've had a full track season, I was wondering if you had any oil issues so far(starvation in corners, heat, etc.)? Or is a bigger sump in the future? Dan
  3. You might try Krylon camo paints at Ace or Wally-world. Don't know if they'd do well with the heat, but relatively cheap.
  4. The first car is the "Battle S30" http://www.geocities.jp/kuni_s30z/ Yes, the wheels are SSR Professor SP1.
  5. Ah...you beat me to it. I just got your guys' e-mail about the mounts. I also asked Mckinney about a group buy possibility and the answer was yes, said discount would be based on number of people if anybody is interested.
  6. here are the pics, sorry for taking up so much bandwidth
  7. mattyice The guys at mckinney e-mailed me some pics of an sr with their mounts, as soon as i get off work i'll post em up.
  8. lol, that's what you call a good FS. nothing better than a factor of saftey of a few hundred percent.
  9. I agree with Mattyice. On my friend's sr20 swapped awd talon, he is running a transition coupler on 22+ lbs with no problems. Just make sure you buy a quility piece and some good t-bolt clamps.
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