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  1. mmm W7, very nice. Build looks to be coming along very well.
  2. Here's a photchop I did for OTM's "Z car sketches & Ideas" thread a long time ago. http://forums.hybridz.org/showpost.php?p=787207&postcount=38
  3. Just get a continuance and save your money in the mean time.
  4. I also hate it when people say stuff like "costed" instead of "cost" and when they're too lazy to type "what" so they instead type "wut". And honestly, it even bugs me when people excessively use "text shorthand" in text messages lol.
  5. There's some videos on youtube of a 5.0 swapped Z32.
  6. Thats kinda cool if its on a euro. Those aren't swastikas btw.
  7. Glad to hear that progress is being made. (Talked to you on ImportsNC btw)
  8. It worries me that ppl like this have guns
  9. I've noticed that lol. I think he's trying to bring up an army of zombie threads to take over HybridZ hahaha.
  10. You might want to search "diamond racing wheels" on here to get a better idea of how they'll look and everything.
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