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  1. wfritts911: good stuff man, good stuff. Even before your advice i've been reading non stop, i've taught myself many things before by just reading until a blood vessel in my eye goes. I'd really love to set up a date to ride in one of these to get a good feel of it. I realize that a big chunk is on the engine and not everyone would recommend it, but here's my main reasoning: I will never need more power, it's brand spankin new, anything within 50k is covered my warranty, and since its built from the ground up by pros i know it will be reliable. Considering this will just be a hobby car ill defi
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. Still looking for a few answers to these questions or advice. I realize that having work done for me will be expensive but I don't have the know-how to do a whole engine swap. I have a friend of my dad's who works on everything from street cars to tractors (he's a "good ole boy"), ive been planning on giving him a shout. I also realize that the power:weight ratio in this car is going to be nasty, and although i could be satisfied with less, that's not the point; it's not a driver, it's a toy i plan on holding onto unless something unfortunate happens. I like no
  3. First off, i'd like to say hey to everyone, as i'm new here and this is my first post. I'm not sure if there's an introduction section, i hope i didnt miss it. Onto business: I've loved z's ever since i was a tiny kid and didn't know the first thing about them. Now, after learning more and more about them, I want my own. Here's the rundown: I want a 280z, maybe year doesn't matter too much to me. I want to drop in a chevy, I found an ls3 I like. I realize this thing is gonna be fast but i dont want something thats only enjoyable on the track. Although I want to do this righ
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