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  1. I need a turbo oil pan for my ongoing engine build. Paint condition does not matter as long as it is straight. Does $50 or so plus shipping sound fair? If not, shoot me a number please.
  2. Disconnect connector and pinch the hose going to the cold start injector to see if the rich condition goes bye-bye.
  3. I bought mine from courtesy Nissan. Plug the part number into their search box and click "go". Pallnet was working on some at one time also. I do not know if he ever brought them to market.
  4. It is often the ECU. Use your diagnostic decision tree in the FSM. Been here, done this.
  5. Thanks everybody. I bought a set of 86mm from Randall. I'm going to hold off on the purchase of the 86.5's and the rods until after Christmas. I appreciate all of your time!. -Stan
  6. N42 Pistons should be dished, not flattops. Stock 86mm flats would be from 82-83 F54 NA engine..
  7. I'd try changing your password from your PC.
  8. zentec, what's the bore size?? Rods included? If so, which ones? Thanks, -Stan
  9. Must be something with the image then. I'll take 'em. I am still looking for a set of 86.5's and L24 9mm rods. PM your paypal info. I'll pay shipping of course.
  10. I am looking for a set of stock flattop pistons. I would be interested in 86 and 86.5mm pistons preferably with no rods. They can come with L28 or L24 rods if that makes things easier on the seller. Is $75 fair? I would pay more if mated to the L24 rods... No junk please. Thanks, -Stan
  11. Randall, It looks like those pistons are not all the same part. Some skirts are longer than others. That would make it very hard to balance. I appreciate it but I will have to decline. I'm going to re-post this ad in the correct forum. Thanks, -Stan
  12. Thanks Randall. I am definitely interested. Still interested in yours too kaito. Especially the 86.5's if you have them....
  13. Thanks! I look forward to the pics. How do the piston skirts look? Randall, were the flattops used with a turbo or strickly NA? -Stan
  14. Looking to buy a set of stock flattop pistons. They can come with L28 rods if that makes things easier on the seller. Is $75 fair? If not contact me with your asking price. No junk please. Thanks, -Stan
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