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  1. I remember your build. Didnt it have the bride seats and sold for around $18k? What a beauty that was and I wished I had the cash at the time to buy it. Hows this forum been? Hopefully the mods are still brutal....
  2. Its a hell of a lot of work and expense to do it right, I tried it twice lol. If your hung up on this, dont bother lol
  3. Hows everyone been? If anyone still looks at this old thread lol. I am still on that Nissan life. Have a highly reliable Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec V that I daily. Not anywhere near as fun as the Z by any means but its practical. I am glad to see that the Z has earned a lot more respect than it had when I was working on my build. Great car, hopefully when my life is where I want it to be I will own another. My history since this build has been a 1973 240z with a 383ci SBC swap, a 1991 Miata will full suspension, wheels, tires, LSD, and Suzuki GS500F, then a 2014 CBR600rr which was stolen. Ive been into bikes lately as a more economical option for now while I live life. Looking at a new CBR1000rr to replace the stolen one. Anyone ever see this Z build around? Would like to know what became of it. Hopefully it wasnt wrecked. To be honest it was pretty sketchy when I had it. Did not handle for shit, but was a blast! Such an amazing car, I wish I still had it. Even with my RB25 transmission mismatched to a 1978 automatic 280z differential. When I calculated it out the theoretical top speed was somewhere north of 200mph. 5th gear was worthless, even on the freeway at 80mph. What a car, I learned so much about life and how to give it up to move forward and sacrifice. Hard decision but I am glad I did. I am happy where I am today and I know that I will someday own a 240z with an engine from a skyline again because it just has to be that way. My friends still rave about this car and its been years and it was always dangerously imperfect. A legend among us. Best wishes Hybrid Z! Love you guys and the forum (no homo) lol
  4. Hello, I've been looking for a complete matching lockset for the 280z. Including: Matching Key Driver+Passenger Door locks Rear Hatch Lock Ignition "Tree" assembly Glove box lock (not crucial) Thanks!
  5. Hey fellas, I have a 240z with a TH400 transmission and it needs some power to motive it. I'm considering building an LQ4 and stroking it to 408ci. How would I go about mating this engine to the th400 gearbox? Thanks in advance!
  6. Is anyone here running a triple plate? Seems crazy overkill to me.
  7. Thank you CTC. I feared that I would need two cars to make this work, the Fairlady plus a 280zx. I don't have the time or space to deal with two cars. I think I'm going to pass on this Z. The RHD uniqueness factor is just not worth all the hassle it would take. I've weighed the option of sticking with the stock engine but I know I won't be satisfied with the car after putting all the time/money in the restore for stock HP. Gonna keep looking.
  8. Do you know of a rather amicable BAR office to call? My experience with my local BAR is they were very unwilling to help a modified car enthusiast. As of now I'm working 12 hour shifts and have class so getting down there during the week would be difficult. I'm planning on pouring my weekends into the project whether its this one or another Z.
  9. Hey guys, Came across a unique car. It's a Fairlady 2+2 and yes it is right hand drive with an (what I'm assuming) EFI L28E+5 speed. It's been legalized for CA and has everything. The only problem is, due to its year, it is not smog exempt. Do you guys think it would be feasible to BAR legal an L28ET into this car in CA? Thanks.
  10. Thanks! I checked the 2+2 out today. The price is right and everything is there. The registration is up to date. My only problem with it is I can't do an engine swap due to it not being smog exempt. Plus the right hand drive stuff could prove to be difficult to repair/source. For instance the dash is pretty cracked on top as usual. But being right hand drive that opens up a whole new dimension of difficulty and $$$ The body needs some work and I would probably have a professional do some of it because its just out of my league. I like the car but I just don't know if its something I should take on.
  11. Talked to the owner today. It's for sale (haven't talked prices yet) and he's got the full ZG body treatment and a set of deep dish watanabes. Only one problem. It's not smog exempt x] Gonna go take a look.
  12. I left a note on this Z today. It's down the street from me. A right hand drive 2+2 which is rather unusual in the states. It's been sitting for some time, lets see if the owner gets back.
  13. Hey fellas, it's been a while. I've built two RB Z cars over the years and unfortunately was not destined to keep them. The first one was destroyed and the second one had to be sold due to financial circumstance. Well, I've been FIENDING for a Z build. I've got a career going as a TIG welder/fabricator and I feel the time is right for a build. As always, an RB is in order. I've got a little more time to save before I make purchases, but I am stoked. Feels great to be back. P.S. As a Nissan junkie I've been DDing an 05' Sentra SE-R Spec V ever since.
  14. Your build is turning out great! Thought I'd stop by and see how things were going. I miss my Z but I just don't have the money for fun things anymore.
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