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  1. He can't turn in a slip faster then 10.0 so he has it turned down. I'm sure of Friday he will crank it up
  2. Josey went 9.8 at 150 on his first pass of drag week !! Live video feed at hotrod.con
  3. next mini cash day could be intriguing.. You really are going to need to set up that traction system in the holly software. That thing has turned into a beast . At 1:05 in the video I saw Michael J Fox and Doc as you started to go back in time
  4. Ok, I will be the one to point out that small amounts of water like that involved with rain are good for the motor. Small droplets are no problem
  5. LOL!!! Hey john you dont happen to sell.....(oh nevermind)
  6. I'm in!! Please keep me up to date. I will be making 750+ ls1 twin turbo. Keep me in the loop as much as you can Thanks for this
  7. I am in on the next set !! PLEASE make this happen again !!!!
  8. I have been researching this for quite sometime myself. I think I am just going to go this route http://www.holley.com/12-1800.asp. From looking online there have been many cars in the 850-1000whp and 150 mph range with this pump set up on corn. Price seem right and the options seem nice. And they are dead quiet.. Although your set up is bad ass sunny. And one thing I love about your setup is you can pick up walbro 255s almost anywhere if needed. Burn one up and swing in and pick up another.. But the savings on the AN fittings make this pump a great option! and it has the op
  9. Damn Josey your not messing around!! Not only am I impressed with your quality but also the speed at witch you smoke out these "little" side projects lol!!! Stay thirsty my friend
  10. I have had some conversation with him today. If the flares he promised arrive in good fashion I will change my tune and review. My largest concern and problem has been communication issues days and weeks of no contact. And the fact they are 2 months later then promised. I picked his flares because of the quality that they appear to have. I hope that is the case. They were ordered on Jan 18th and paid in full at that time. I was told 2 weeks delivery. Due to a serious conversation today let's just say "legal" they appear to be shipped today. It has been a rough go but if the quality is there t
  11. Pro efi can make it so when you touch the clutch pedal it sets the perfect RPM for the next shift and holds it also can do auto rev matching down shifts. Even has the ability to cut power on high horsepower cars by not firing one cylinder or anti lagging for milliseconds between shifts . It also holds boost between shifts by a combined efforts. Its one of the sickest systems I have seen. The E85 Features that allow you to use any combination of e85 mix is unreal
  12. Flex fuel interface is the main reason I am going with it. Pro efi is based in arizona and I have been to their facility. I cant go wrong when i can drive a 15 miles and have their techs help me out. Also the rolling anti lag and flat foot shifting will be sick
  13. I am going pro EFI they have the ability to do all of the above Also for what its worth avoid justin with Zforce like a hooker with herpes... I paid him on Jan 18th for a set of flares and they never showed up I have been dealing with lies the entire time and going weeks with out communication, I am days away from pressing charges and taking him to small claims court.
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