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  1. Yes, that is it, i use the yellow one, with SS phillips head and an SS backin washer they look CLEAN.
  2. I use something a little different, they are yellow plastic things that you push inside where the rivet use to go. Except that these have a hole where you can screw a screw in. When you do exactly that the yellow things swell up as the screw goes an, and voila, neat-o interior rivets. ( i got them at my job, ACE hardware). PM me if you want to see some pics of the stuff and what sizes and what it looks like in my car, or just ask me on this thread.
  3. N3RB

    What's this switch?

    it kinda looks like a a/c knob with the knob off, but i am probably wrong.
  4. Mattsun, im just wondering, what kind of air dam do you have, i like it alot.
  5. melons...... wow has the thread changed.lol!
  6. N3RB

    My center console

    very nice, i was thinking about putting some speakers in the center console. but i all ways end up taking it off, so i never got to it.
  7. oops, i was searching. lol!! and had to comment
  8. thanks guys for the tips, im going to try and put them in soon.
  9. well, i pulled the steering wheel off and now im stuck..... there are ball bearings missing. but i dunno how to take them off to replace them and add more.
  10. im leavin the nutt on, lol
  11. OMG, I hope your right, im gonna go check that out right now. (yes I do sound like a teenage girl) LOL
  12. dude, install some switches to have interior lights and stuff mounted in one of the pipes lined up.... its an idea..
  13. thats really cool, where did you get the idea from?
  14. nice, thanks for all the input. i have alot to think about and cool stuff to buy.
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