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  1. 280zx 2by2

    WTB: 81 L28 Harmonic balncer.

    Still need this. And when you go to pull it, remember to back the bolt out, not just completely remove the bolt... this is 4 potential har. balancers that people have broken trying to pull for me.... Thanks. -Jordan
  2. 280zx 2by2

    WTB: 81 L28 Harmonic balncer.

    I guess sticky isn't going to get back to me. PM me your paypal address and Ill send you the money. Thanks.
  3. 280zx 2by2

    WTB: 81 L28 Harmonic balncer.

    Double post. My b.
  4. 280zx 2by2

    WTB: 81 L28 Harmonic balncer.

    I thought they were the same also but I took one off of a 79 AC PS in the J-yard (hadn't been touched since its been there) and the construction is completely different, the offset of the pulleys is off by 1/2 an inch and it lacks the backing plate. The pulley was also lighter than my stock so it might have been some kind of attempted performance upgrade. I need to go back and look at the car... haha And I may buy yours if sticky280zx doesn't get back to me about his for $40. Thanks. -Jordan
  5. 280zx 2by2

    WTB: 81 L28 Harmonic balncer.

    Need a Harmonic balancer asap, if you have pics that would be awesome as I have seen some discrepancies between the years of production. Thanks for your time. -Jordan
  6. 280zx 2by2

    Got bored this weekend

    What did you even do?...
  7. 280zx 2by2

    Z spotted in another movie

    280zx drifterrrrr. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn9DoxS_nck
  8. 280zx 2by2

    s14 ka24de into Z

    Deffinately looking forward to this. My L28 is dying a slow death and I need to swap something in to net more MPG's.
  9. 280zx 2by2

    matte white S130 turbo

    Deeeeeeeeeeewd I totes <3 that car. That's an RX7 right?
  10. 280zx 2by2

    possibly the worst is yet to come with my S130?

    ^^^^^ 10,000 miles ago.
  11. 280zx 2by2

    WTB XXR 513 Wheels

    Your inbox is full buttt.... I'm interested in the wheels, do you have any closer pictures in higher quality? And those are Crager Razors right?
  12. 280zx 2by2

    WTB XXR 513 Wheels

    Looking for 15x8 XXR 513's but anything in a 14"-16" x 7"+ with a low offset I would consider. Will buy straight up but I also have a JDM Big letter valve cover off of an L28 to trade, comes with bolts and I can throw in a felpro gasket.
  13. 280zx 2by2

    Liift a 280zx

    Remove the more than likely hideous body kit, problem solved.
  14. 280zx 2by2

    How It's Made - Dragsters, airing at PM Jan 21

    There are a lot of meets in Atlanta for older imports (which seemed to be all that was left at DNI) I just can't bare driving 250 miles, Reynolds was pushing it as is.
  15. 280zx 2by2

    How It's Made - Dragsters, airing at PM Jan 21

    Dang... I was going to drive my Z to Reynalds this year.