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  1. I have a 76 280z with LS1/T56 well sorted. It is my daily driver/only car that my wife and I both depend on for everything. It isn't posted for sale, but I would sell it if someone was interested. Or if you have a Subaru or VW TDI or something else worth having, I'd be into trading. Let me know
  2. I have a 2002 Jetta TDI that I'm in the process of putting a bigger turbo (GTB2260VK), injectors and a tune on. Stock I get 44mpg in town and on the highway and have some power but nothing too impressive. After the $1500 I'm putting into it I will have 200hp and 350lb-ft and either maintain my 44mpg or improve it. Upgrading these engines makes them get better economy most of the time. Even just a simple $300 tune with everything else stock will give you 30hp and 3-4mpg increase in mileage. You should get a golf if you want hatchback and put some nice suspension on it. I actually lifted mine 1.5inch with Moog VR6 springs and Koni struts and it handles way better and is a great substitute for my Subaru Outback that I gave to my sister. These cars are incredibly easy/cheap to modify and get such amazing gas mileage. There are quite a few people who get over 50mpg. Good luck!
  3. So after installing a new thermostat and bleeding it on a steep hill my temperature is constant at 180 degrees! Also, just because I'm overly anal about how my car runs I rented a block tester from Auto Zone to see if any combustion gases were getting into my cooling system and it all checks out fine. Running at the proper temperature again, the KA sounds better than ever. My wife drove the car to work in Napa today so I got to hear it driving next to me and wow it sounds sweet. I can't wait to hear it with a turbo! Thanks guys for the recommendations on getting my cooling issues taken care of.
  4. I took out the thermostat and it doesn't get up to temp even with the fan unplugged. So I'm going to buy a new thermostat from Nissan. Alonso, I haven't tried running a radiator breather tank. How does this work exactly? Do you mean an overflow/expansion tank?
  5. I currently have the heater bypassed so bleeding should be even easier. Yes it started acting this way since the new radiator. The radiator isn't for a 240sx or a 280z. It's a double pass chevy style radiator built for circle track cars. I'm wondering if the headgasket is leaking enough to let some exhaust gases into the cooling system and fill it with air bubbles. I just ordered some arp head studs and a new fel-pro gasket set. I wanted to do this anyways so I know I can trust it when I put a turbo on it.
  6. So I just installed a Four Seasons Racing double pass aluminum radiator into my ka24de 280z. Since the install I have not been able to get my cooling system to function properly. Beforehand I would run at a constant 180 degrees with the oem nissan thermostat. Now I am running between 180 and 200 degrees measured with an autometer gauge with sender located in the water outlet where the stock bleed screw was. I do not like having an unstable temperature, I just want it to sit steady at one temperature. I have tried every method I've been able to find from the 240sx crowd to bleed the air out of the system so I don't think that is my issue. Still my lower radiator hose is cold. I went for a long drive this morning (Air temp was around 45 degrees) and my lower radiator hose was COLD. I don't mean cool, I mean cold. Even when my engine temps started to reach 200 degrees at the upper hose. So my thermostat obviously isn't opening. I am wondering if maybe my new radiator is too efficient and since the thermostat is on the lower hose it is not able to open with that cold cold water on the front side of it. So i'm trying to figure out what to do here. Should I drill out the air bleed hole a little on my thermostat to allow more water to pass through when the thermostat is closed? Should I try running it without the thermostat? Should I install an inline thermostat housing on the upper radiator hose and put the thermostat at the hot side of the engine? I haven't heard of anyone doing this, but seems pretty logical to me. I don't understand why anyone would want their thermostat on the lower radiator hose anyways. Let me know what you guys think here. I'm sick of trying to bleed this thing and still have it running hot. I don't like staring at my temp gauge all the time. Thanks
  7. wanna trade for a black 78 280z with an LS1 T56 swap? Engine and drivetrain and mechanical parts are perfect, but there is some rust in floor pans and rails.
  8. I have two Tokico 5-way adjustable Illuminas. Make me an offer!
  9. Just get a custom driveshaft made with Spicer 1310 yokes. That's what I did and it didn't cost much. The only problem is that the thing is so beefy i had a little bit of a clearance issue with my rear sway bar.
  10. Well I don't know if it can cause any long term problems but I used it on my 4 cylinder turbo engine in my Mitsubishi Eclipse. It made it idle and rev smoother. Maybe other people have different experiences but it worked great for me.
  11. I think it depends on whether or not you are running ZG flares. I think the Rota RB-R looks great with ZG flares but I think a more modern style wheel looks better without them. Check out Dailydrifter's car with the XXR 527 wheels. That looks nice.
  12. I think the problem with the 280z parts is that the 240z struts would not fit anymore. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not think this would work with his Tokico 5-way adjustable 240z struts. Nobody has a 240z hub?
  13. Judging by some of the responses people are putting in this thread, I'd say that the new pay to play policy isn't working very well at keeping scammers out of the classifieds or out of hybridz. I took a break from Z cars for a few years (giving the DSM and Subaru worlds a try) up until this last fall when I bought another Z, and I have noticed that the Z car classifieds section and the entire site has generally become somewhat of a "ghost town" compared to how it was before. With my last Z I never had any problems finding parts that I needed. Now the best source for trading, selling, buying is as good as gone. From my experience, it seems to me that the restrictions on the classifieds section is only hurting this forum. Or maybe it is just the economy...
  14. You might want to start by cleaning all connections with electrical parts cleaner and applying dielectric grease to them. Also cleaning the AFM with MAF cleaner would be a good idea. Go through your grounds and make sure they are all clean and have dielectric grease on them. This is the best place to start, from my experience. Make sure all connections are snug and there are no cracked/broken wires while you do this.
  15. zguy240, thanks for the response. I am actually looking for this for my brother's 280z which has all 240z suspension on it including control arms, hub assemblies, etc. So i have emailed him to see if the parts you have will work. I am not completely familiar with what he has done to the suspension. The 240z that his suspension came off of was in an accident so that's where the bent parts came from. The other side was bent as well but has been replaced already with another 240z assembly. I'll get back to you asap on those parts. Thanks
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