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  1. Daron

    RB26 head

    Looking for a used rb26 head.
  2. need a RB25 or 26 bellhousing. 318-730-4916
  3. Looking for a rb25/26 trans dust shield, any help would be appreciated. Thanks Daron
  4. Looking for a set of rb25det lower transmission brackets. These brackets run from the side of the block to lower section of trans. Thank you for any help. Daron
  5. I have one sitting on the shelf here. It's brand new oem, $100 plus shipping if you want it. Installed it then immediately decided to do the sr swap so its never been run. Let me know if you're interested. Ross
  6. What kind of money are you willing to let go?
  7. No, it's red. Have you ever been over to the Drivers Source in west Houston?
  8. Mark Gust in Houston,Tx tuned my vg30dett yesterday on a Dynajet load based dyno. Made 613 rwhp on pump at 20 lbs with fuel map tuning only. Did not have time to do the timing map. Mark fills we should get another 30-40 hp with the timing right.
  9. The seats are out of 1995 240. Ground control coilovers.
  10. Weighed the car, 2315 with full tank of gas.
  11. Needed for a 1991 300zxtt center ac vent/ radio cover including clips and screws. Thanks for any help.
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