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  1. Looks real good bro, I like the front end! Let me know if you need anything.
  2. No problem at all man, let me know if you need anything else. Thanks for endorsement! As far as maps, I'm inclined to say that since you have the new hotness (Series II EMS) they Series I maps will not simply upload to your EMS. I'm not 100% sure though, call AEM and speak to Ed over there. He's the electronics tech support guy and should be able to answer that questions.
  3. Unfortunately, I am not kidding, every company seems to be increasing there prices lately.
  4. I must admit, that was a pretty good shout out. Just to let you know AEM prices increase starting July 1st, so I would get those AEM things now! Call me back and I'll hook it up.
  5. Where's my shout out?! JK! I can get you some of the parts on that list, give me a call tomorrow. -John (I sold you that turbo)
  6. Whoa! Very hot car, inside and out. Are those vinyl overlays on your tacho and speedo? More details on how you did the interior, it looks sweet!
  7. Awesome project, do you plan on keeping the motor NA and using the stock trans?
  8. STS turbo kits include an oil return pump.
  9. Blue Z looks hot! They definitely work, we did a STS turbo kit on the new Mustang GT and it put down ~450whp.
  10. Make it easy on yourself and go with a more common swap. If you're stuck on having a V8, just go SBC or LS1.
  11. Looks pretty good man! What motor are you building?
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