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  1. I have a 75 z with the stock tank and pickup I regularly track and autocross the car. Any less than a half tank and the car starves for fuel in the corners. I just have not got around to putting a fuel cell in it. Not problem on the street or with street tires on though.
  2. When I purchased my 280z it had large aftermarket front and rear sway bars. I took the rear one off and it handled better for autocross. I ran it like that for about a year. I do believe it handles better now with a large front one and stock rear, however you should be fine.
  3. Thanks for all the compliments! It has Ground-Control coilovers and camber plates, 10" Eibach springs with Tokico 5-way shocks. The 3 degrees of camber I run front and rear allows me to run the car pretty low. With the old wheels I had the rocker panels just over 4 inches off the ground.
  4. Yea it has coilovers, I could get the car lower with the street wheels. They are 17x7 MSR's (Honda spacing) with 215/45 R17 Dunlops, I would sell these if anybody's interested, PM me. "] [/url]
  5. "] [/url] "] [/url] SuperLight GTR Wheels Khumo V710 DOT Slicks Front: +8, 225/50R16 Rear: +16, 245/45R16
  6. This is my opinion, no basis of actual fact and I have never ridden in your previous vehicles. The Z-Car has alot of potential, but for me it is always a work in progress. When I first started racing autocross I was say 15 seconds behind the fastest car on the track in a minute course in a car with a lowering kit, upgraded shocks, and a cage. Now six years later there is rarely a car on the track that can get more than two or three seconds away from me. On an road track it will keep up with $100k porsches in tight technical sections (then get burned in the straight away). But with the Z-Cars I think putting it as simple as buying suspension is underestimating how much work and research goes into making them handle well. I love Arizona Z-car products, I am just saying that a combination of suspension, wheel size/offset, tire choice, air pressure, front and rear camber/caster/toe working together instead of against is what makes them handle well. The mentioned Arizona products provide stiffer components, better asthetics, less likely to rust or fail, easier and more adjustability, and are overall way cooler than stock stuff. Most importantly the brakes that come with that setup cannot even be compared to stock brakes. However you could come across someone that doesn't have any one of those products and their car might handle better than yours. If you are looking for a project, a Z-Car will definately fill the shoes. Good Luck.
  7. I don't think there would be failure but there would not be much point to your sway bar as it would be pretty loose. It's never going to hit that hard there, it would be more gradual as you turn.
  8. I installed a 5 spd in mine about a month ago and ran into the same problem. I used the shifter out of the 4 spd in it. It was a motorsports shortshifter, I have to cut down the mounts significantly but the lengths were the same.
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