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  1. I was considering that option too I was reading about that on a couple of forums about getting one made for around that $300 price range. And i also recently read that on a Z site about needing the yoke off a ZXT diff to mate with the DS(http://www.zcarz.us/TechnicalInformationPageTransmission.htm). I really appreciate the help thanks.
  2. I edited the post to follow the forum rules sorry about that. thanks RB26powered74zcar for the heads up I didn't want to waste money on a part I wasn't certain about. Doesn't hurt to double check with more knowledgeable Z people to save $225.
  3. I was hoping to get help from some knowledgeable forum members I'm currently restoring my 78 z I did a L28et swap with a T5 Transmission I've been looking for a T5 driveshaft to shorten it to fit my Z I recently found one for sale but the picture he has of the driveshaft looks tinner from what I've seen from other T5's. This is where I need some help recognizing the driveshaft from the one i want to buy and from the one I've seen classified as a T5 driveshaft. Thanks guys in advance. The driveshaft I want to buy. The T5 driveshaft I've seen for sale. Notice the difference one looks thicker.
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