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  1. Beast

    Do you know anything about a silver Sr71 300zx?

  2. Change of plans, this landed in my lap today. Full Z31 Rb25 swap.
  3. Does anyone here have the Arita Speed flares? Does anyone know how I would go about acquiring a set? Or the Works over fenders? I'm really trying to recreate this. It would take a lot of work to return the car to its original condition, so I've decided to go with a vintage race car theme for its restoration. I've found that everything but these flares are readily attainable.
  4. Here's the underbody: I just compared these to a stock 240. Someone tell me what i'm looking at.
  5. Thanks for the kind words! This build isn't going to move very fast, but i'm anxious to start on what I can. I'm in Asheville
  6. Good work dude! I love watching stuff like this come together. We're also both using VG motors! I'm using the VG30dett from the Z32 though.
  7. So last Thursday, I was visiting the local scrap yards in my Z32. I've owned my Z32 since I was 15, and have been into Z cars for almost my entire life. I've been to Zcon and I attend Zdayz every year. I've always wanted an S30, but I need another Z like I need another hole in the head. Especially since I started college last falI. However, I couldn't believe it when I saw this. It's literally Wangan Midnight all over again. This 240Z had just come in and I quickly struck a deal with the owner. I got it for almost nothing ($650). Why it was here, I honestly have no idea, nor do I care. I t
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