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  1. Beast

    Do you know anything about a silver Sr71 300zx?

  2. Change of plans, this landed in my lap today. Full Z31 Rb25 swap.
  3. Does anyone here have the Arita Speed flares? Does anyone know how I would go about acquiring a set? Or the Works over fenders? I'm really trying to recreate this. It would take a lot of work to return the car to its original condition, so I've decided to go with a vintage race car theme for its restoration. I've found that everything but these flares are readily attainable.
  4. Here's the underbody: I just compared these to a stock 240. Someone tell me what i'm looking at.
  5. Thanks for the kind words! This build isn't going to move very fast, but i'm anxious to start on what I can. I'm in Asheville
  6. Good work dude! I love watching stuff like this come together. We're also both using VG motors! I'm using the VG30dett from the Z32 though.
  7. So last Thursday, I was visiting the local scrap yards in my Z32. I've owned my Z32 since I was 15, and have been into Z cars for almost my entire life. I've been to Zcon and I attend Zdayz every year. I've always wanted an S30, but I need another Z like I need another hole in the head. Especially since I started college last falI. However, I couldn't believe it when I saw this. It's literally Wangan Midnight all over again. This 240Z had just come in and I quickly struck a deal with the owner. I got it for almost nothing ($650). Why it was here, I honestly have no idea, nor do I care. I think life threw me a bone on this one. It had a rough 350 sbc in it when I found it but the yard owner agreed he'd knock some off the price if he removed it. He removed it yesterday and delivered it this morning. It's a 1973 240Z and I believe the original color was red; however, there's hardly anything that is original left. I'll let the pictures do most of the explaining. I couldn't believe it when I saw the G-nose poking out from behind the stack of cars. Granted, this one's going to need some work, but it's still my favorite part about the car. I'll be ordering the glass headlight covers for shortly. For the most part, the car is rust free. The frame rails, battery tray, floor pans and the majority of the body looks to be in phenomenal condition. Unfortunately, they shaved the door handles (D'oh). They shaved the filler door and relocated it behind the license plate which is pretty cool. The hood is also fiberglass and definitely needs hinges. The paint is a poop brown charcoal metallic and doesn't suit the car at all. It'll be getting a fresh coat of Safari Gold or Jet Black; I haven't decided just yet. It'll also be getting flares, an IMSA spoiler, the jdm air dam for the G-nose and fender mounted mirrors. The car below is my inspiration, can someone identify the flares? The real tricky part is going to be finding the Panasport G7-C8s.... As for the interior, it's a madhouse. Someone has added Dyna-mat throughout the entire car. It's been reupholstered, but some of it's going to have to be redone. It's also going to be getting a cage. It has a nice dash cap on the dash board and Dakota digital gauges. They made this custom center console which is well done, but in my opinion hideous. There's all kinds of switches, led's and toggles throughout the cabin and i'm getting a headache just thinking about it all. The hatch is powered by an electric motor on each side and the battery is mounted in the trunk as well.... I've got a line on a parts car, and from the looks of it, I'm going to need it. The suspension and brakes are all aftermarket. Up front, it has the popular Toyota S12+8 vented calipers with the 84-85 Z31 discs?. In the rear, it has 240sx calipers. It's got orange aftermarket springs on the struts.I believe it also has ST. sway bars. The engine bay is nice and spacious! Spacious enough for a VG30DETT? I think yes! I've got a VG30DETT on a stand that I was building for the Z32, but the plans have changed. The trans tunnel has been modified and I believe the turbo's should clear the steering linkage. Its got Z1 GT525 turbo's (larger CHRA's in stock housings), Nismo 740 w/300* rails, AMS manifolds, Selin dual pop etc etc... I should be looking at close to 450-500rwhp when it's all said and done which should be plenty. I'm going to mock the motor up in the car this week so I can begin work on the mounts Luckily, to help put that power down I found this. Looks like an 87-89 Z31T R200 to me! Overall, I think i've got an excellent start at building a helluva 240. I've got a lot of research to do and have much to learn. It's good to finally be apart of the S30 community! Here's a picture of my Z32:
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