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  1. So, I suppose it is no surprise that every hose in the fuel tank ventilation and return system is borked! 40 year old hoses don't like the gasoline any more. And of course it is every size from 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" and small 3/8" sizes! Oh well. Now to drop the tank and replace all 'dem hoses.
  2. So after having a play with the new parts and familiarizing with where I left off I came up with the punch list. Project Z Part Two: [_]Change Rear End Oil [_]Mount Battery [_]Vent Battery [_]Mount Coil [_]Wire Alternator (opposite side of engine bay) [_]Re-wire master kill switch in cabin [_]Troubleshoot Headlights and Dash Light Problem [_]General wiring clean up [_]Re-route wiring from engine bay into cabin [_]Mount ECU [_]Wire Fuel Pump Relay and Fuse Block [_]Fix Fuel Leak (near rear fuel tank) [_]Find and fix brake fluid leak (front res
  3. Guess what time it is?... I'm back to visit my long distance Love Affair for a week. Arrived back in Seattle at 2:36 AM this morning. Had a small sleep at my Sister's house and then up to my Mom's where I store the Z. The parts I've ordered have arrived. So have just done a bit of unpacking and inventory the new arrivals. The flares aren't the best fit, but I can adjust them and will give them final finish touch up when I get it to Sydney. Am pretty impress with how the Urethane air dam looks. Very nice finish and thick urethane. And some Thermal Heat
  4. Pretty darn expesive but ZCarParts lists them. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/CTGY/SFC05
  5. The small one is a low pressure "lift" pump and larger is full pressure Bosch 044 FI pump. I run an 044 in my GTR (R33 v-spec) that produces about 500hp. So that's plenty of fuel. The glass filter is on the "in" side so doesn't see pressure is only a pass through. I will put a surge tank in later.
  6. Back to the story.... One day to go and I fly out the day after. I was so excited I woke up at 5 a.m. and couldn't get back to sleep. How much can I really get done in one day? Coffee shop wasn't even open at that hour so out the the shed to tinker until things open. I spent a couple of hours tracing wires with the voltmeter, labeling them and marking them in my notes. Today I had to get the alternator/water pump belt sized and fitted and finish a bit of wiring for the fuel pumps and see where the wiring was left all those years ago. I used some string to measure the size of t
  7. ABS is temporary just to get it up and running and until I ship it to Aus. When I get it here I will do a front mount IC and then hard pipe in mild steel, stainless or alum. I'm planning a trip back to the US in a year. I'll ship it back then.
  8. To me that's cheap compared to a used item that would be 20 years old with countless miles.
  9. Check AutoZone. I thought Mine was missing so ordered it from them. It wasn't very expensive. I ended up returning mine as it was still on the front of the motor.
  10. Congrats! Great to see you got it running.
  11. I think you are looking at the Turbo the other way. I've turned it 180 degrees just to make clearance cause the other way wouldn't really clear the exhaust. The turbo is connected correctly.
  12. Good luck with the VG30dett! Love those motors! My brother has a Z32 that goes hard! Ok, so at this point time is getting down to the wire. But I'm starting to feel really good because systems are getting done one by one. It's time to mount the turbo, connect the oil lines and start the intake piping. Long term I plan to enclose the intake as a custom box and redo the piping for a front mount intercooler. Found a rubber 90 degree bend at the hardware shop for the join to the AFM. Also found a 90 for the turbo outlet. I checked with a muffler shop if
  13. Looking forward to this build. Sounds like you were lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Great buy there. Just work the changes into your build plan and transform it into your vision. Good luck with the VG30DETT. Those twin turbos might be tight. My VG30ET conversion doesn't have the twin cam heads or twins that gives lots of working space around the motor. A really nice change from modern cars with no space at all.
  14. Next up was modifying the throttle linkage to cable. Had a quick check on prices for an '84 300zx throttle cable and couldn't be bothered for the $40-80. So down to the local bike shop to pick up a front hand brake cable - $5. (Yes, I'm cheap!) A little bit of fab on Dad's mill with some billet and alum angle yielded a couple of gem mounts! Love doing stuff like this. I ended up having to modify one when I discovered that the throttle butterfly would hit on the mount. I had to move it back just a bit. I think they turned up ok. At this point I've used up most
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