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  1. How about a 1-year delay to the progress bump. Mine is also finally going back together. Slowly but surely as they say? I am gradually getting parts my parts list in.
  2. The only update here would be my daily driver blowing up on me. I had to rebuild the engine, and just it back on the road a few weeks ago. The 810 project is still on, though no major progress so far. Rebuilding the motor was a great experience, though, and I feel more prepared to tackle this restoration. - Chris
  3. Where can I find that grille and circle headlights??
  4. Progress is slow, but steady (college tuition and all, bleh). I'm awaiting the arrival of my soda blaster so I can get back to work getting the body repainted and begin reassembly.
  5. What wheels are those on that red 4 dr.??
  6. Which of your rails fit the L24e setup? They all look really great.
  7. It is fuel injected. I looked at pallnet's site but was uncertain if he was still making them.
  8. Are there any places that will make a custom fuel rail for the L24e straight six engines? Going in my 810 hardtop thanks to all in advance for the info.
  9. Were there any clearance issues with the aftermarket headers?
  10. can we get an update when you try out the aftermarket headers? I would much like to have a header and free flow exhaust on my 810 rather the bulky manifold going back on.
  11. Could you see a header fitting on the 810 now that rack and pinion is in place of the re-circulating ball?
  12. any major progress with the rack and pinion conversion?
  13. I am in the Birmingham, Alabama area and am trying to find a decently priced shop to have my 810 media blasted. Anyone know of a place to have the frame/body media balsted? (As close to alabama as possible is preferred)
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