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  1. Waay old, I know, just wanted to update the thread in case someone comes across it in the future and cares. Transmission is good, output shaft is good, pretty much everything was good, the only issue was the clutch. I had the clutch replaced and transmission slapped back on, no issues, been driven quite a bit since. The peg was longer than the hole was deep, not sure why, that was the first time I had heard of that as an issue. The peg was ground down some and it lined up just fine.
  2. Thanks man, keep running out of daylight, so upholstery is all I have been able to do lately.
  3. Hi everyone, I wanted to make a little "how to" for how I reupholstered the T-top inserts (dont know the actual name) on my 280zx. I had already completed the part once, but thanks to a sick cat, I had the pleasure of doing it again. Since I was going to do it all over again, I figured I could at least document it, with a few little tips I figured out myself (that apply to other interior pieces as well). I know when I first started messing around with interiors, I had trouble finding information, so I am hoping someone may find this useful. I will be doing my sun visors soon, if
  4. Also wanted to add: If anyone is interested in the Speaker LED headlights, go to EADoffroad.com, best price anywhere. Contact them and ask for a discount code, don't get me wrong, they are very expensive...very, but I like them. They also added the fog lights at my request, so check those out too if you are interested.
  5. OK, been a while since I have updated this thread. I have been using the Z as a daily driver for a while now, but lately it seems the timing is pretty bad off. Ive been too busy to get a light and check (work, travel, excuses excuses), but I got pretty scared once I found that cylinder 6 had not been firing at all (or very little). Looking at the rotor and cap, looks like the spark is happening just when the rotor is close enough to conduct, really black with build up on the very tip of the corner of the rotor. It does't matter now, Im going to be going with yukon coils in wasted spark confi
  6. Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I'm having the exact same problem, just wanting to see what you did to fix it. 83 280zxt, Im starting to think it is my distributor, just havent checked it yet.
  7. I am also adding daytime running lights to the car. I miss having fog lights and since I plan on doing leds for headlights and tail lights, I am installing phillips 8s in to the front air dam. I'm glad I started, I found that my air dam had cracked all the way through: So I peeled off the old fiber glass someone had attempted (very very poorly) to fix the air dam with and added a layer of glass covered in West systems GFlex on the back side, then riveted a piece of aluminum in. Then proceeded to fit test the lights and cut out slots: I decided to use foam to make "inserts' f
  8. Mainly updating this for my benefit, so I can look back and remember how much effort I've put in to this. Did some work to my T-top pieces. They were worn and cracked and had ugly vinyl on them, so I reupholstered them and did a little CF magic. Here is the before picture (with a piece I started above it): After: I like it, and that's all that matters, I guess. I had made inserts to go in the handle/latch part, but they did not fit right, so I am making them over.
  9. Well, the differential is crazy loud, Im going to try a different weight oil, see if that helps, if not, Im going to try and find a 3.9 R200 for cheap, although I am getting better gas mileage with the 3.54 (I think, either that, or my gas gauge stopped working). Figured everyone likes pictures, so here are a few things I have been up to this rainy week. Finishing up the gauge pillar so I can finally see my AFR and boost again: Ive also been making a plug so that I can make a carbon fiber heat shield...just something to do. I have some 12K carbon I bought a while back, I r
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  11. Well, with or without luck wishes, I got the "new" differential in and it seems to be fine. So far I have driven to and from work with no problems. At a few points though my release bearing began squealing loudly, this worries me, I just got it installed, Ill never use that shop again (all four bolts on my drive shaft were not even hand tight, no reverse light, didnt even hook the ground cable up to the starter) Im hoping they didnt screw something up. I'm picking up an entire subframe this weekend and Im going to restore it off the car (bearings, ujoints, bushings) and slap that beast in. F
  12. Also, Im going to do a search, I know I saw somewhere someone did a write up about it, but if anyone has any tips on installing a bushing kit (energy suspension, etc) I'm all ears. It should be arriving in the mail soon.
  13. Got the car back! WOOHOO!.......but..... Well, as I was enjoying the way the T5 shifts with my brand new clutch and flywheel, I noticed a hum coming from the rear of the car...today, that hum has become a roar. Either the wheel bearing is out or it is my differential. I am sure the differential is bad, when I put it in reverse and back up there is this extremely loud knocking noise, more of a POP POP POP. I also believe all the jerkyness I feel while driving isnt the engine misfiring, it's the differential binding. I went ahead and got another differential, it's a 3.54 instead of 3.9 R200, so
  14. You have to email him, evidently he isnt having any luck with the site
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