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  1. my hood mold is made for racing only, no inner reinforcement and no stock mounting hinge supports, design for hood pins mount only.
  2. SOME UPDATES Made a mold of the roof and made a carbonfiber/kevlar roof.
  3. some more updates of the wide body Z. all panels are done in fiberglass.
  4. The scan is not perfect, I got it from someone else over Australia. DM me and I’ll send it to you.
  5. Just going to run some track rods from the spiltter to the bumper subframe
  6. Thanks zeeboost, I thought no one cares about my build on this site anymore. I'll keep posting then lol. Here's a 3D rendering of the wing and front splitter of the build.
  7. its been a while, got lots of work done on the body.
  8. Oh my, I see you cut the front side of the carbon roof. Nice work. Here is my carbon roof that I made myself, it’s vacuum infused.
  9. why don't you just cut the whole old roof out, its a little more work, but its a lots better looking and weight saving.
  10. I think you are as crazy as me when it comes to spending that much money on a Datsun lol. great build.
  11. some updates on my build, some carbon fiber action here.
  12. Go follow me at @infinityracing604 on Instagram. Send me a PM with your contact,
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