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  1. Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on the forums much lately. Too busy enjoying the car. So far I have to say I love the setup. Honda parts are so much cheaper than JDM Nissan parts (having come from an SR20DET). I moved to Toronto from Vancouver and local tuners are telling me I should be able to make 450WHP on their local pump gas and even more on E85. I'm hesitant as the K24A2 is mostly stock. I believe this swap can be done on the cheap. The big issue is going to be moving the steering arm around the engine to fit the K series. The rest is pretty straight forward. I'm happy to answer any questions.
  2. We did an e85 tune, same boost level of 14psi but with more timing. We end up with 450whp.
  3. I only considered the k24 and k20. The aftermarket support and cheap prices of the engines, and their power potential was the deciding factors.
  4. Not with the cd09 transmission. If I used a smaller transmission like the s2000 or bmw zf, its possible.
  5. A lot has happened since the last update. We milled down part of the transmission and clutch cover to make it work. The oil pressure was turned down on the dry sump pump and we switched to a thinner oil. The car was tuned on shell 93 first and made 325whp at 10psi. The car was then tuned on pump gas with octane booster and made 387whp at 12 psi. An e85 tune might be down the road. My tuner is keeping the tune very conservative. When I build the motor, he believes we can hit 430whp on pump gas. For comparison purposes I have included a dyno graph of a stock 2019 Audi A5. It's a 2.0 turbo that supposed to have 248bhp. You can see from the dyno chart it's putting down about 212whp.
  6. Sorry for the delay. Between moving across the country and trying to finish this project, its been tough. Theres been alot done on the car. There's been some problems that we are still trying to sort out. We used the Collins K24 to CD009 adapter plate and flywheel. The flywheel bolts they suggested were too short. We end up ordering new bolts from ARP. We installed the adapter plate and flywheel with a ZSpeed Heavy Duty V2 CSC HD Concentric Clutch Slave Cylinder and a Southbend Street Clutch. Unfortunately the fingers on the center of the clutch are touching the outer body of the slave cylinder. The stack height is too tall even with the clutch adjusted. We might try to shave down the black bracket to make some space. We used a Serial Nine shifter relocator kit and that has worked wonderfully, and placed the shifter in the OEM hole in the transmission tunnel. We had new piping made for the intercooler and turbo and it turned out beautifully. The height of the OEM valve cover is a bit high. I might switch to the Skunk2 version for some extra clearance. The Tractuff water plate block off works well, however their alternator relocation bracket does not. The alternator twists under tension with the belt. I've noticed since I purchased the kit, Tractuff has changed their design and has a stronger bracket but they will not offer an exchange or warranty. I'll try to get some pictures of what I mean. We started the car and found we had 65 psi of oil pressure at 2000RPM, to we are going to switch to a thinner oil. I'll update when I can. Cheers Jesse
  7. The front Brake caliper brackets included with the kit, would not fit. I had to have a machine shop alter the brackets. I plan on having completely new brackets made once i finish moving.
  8. Hi ottehr, I'm in the middle of the same swap. I've got a build thread on the forum thats out of date. I was wondering how you managed to avoid the steering shaft interfering with the accessories. Could you post some pictures of that area? My CD009 is now the lowest point on my vehicle. The way it hangs bothers me, but I'm just curious what yours looks like. Thanks, Jesse
  9. I just moved across the country and I am waiting for the car to get here before I can do anymore work on it. Hopefully this spring I'll have more details. The brakes are mounted. If you look at my build thread there are some picture's.
  10. Have you figured out a way to install a speed sensor into the cd009 ?
  11. Has anyone here bought anything from carbon signal recently? I'm curious to know if things have improved. They are advertising new interior pieces that look fantastic.
  12. The whp big brake kit is finally installed, but it wasn't what they promised.
  13. Sorry for the delay, life gets in the way of project cars. I ordered a custom wiring harness from rywire. I didn't want to mess about wiring. Everything is beautifully labeled. I had to add a spacer to the intake manifold to make the dry sump tank fit. It's a 2.3 gallon tank.
  14. thanks for your help jhm! Still trying to make it work. I'll update more once I have more information and a solution.
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