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  1. jessejames

    Weld in Camber Plates Cover

    I just purchased these from SKILLARD. com I'll post a review once I have it installed. https://skillard.com/products/240z-260z-280z-camber-plate-covers
  2. jessejames

    Whining on acceleration

    my car makes a similar noise. I believe its the diff. I've changed the fluid, it made no difference.
  3. jessejames

    T3 and arizona z brake kit

    Have you had any issues with them, since they dont have dust seals?
  4. I'm going to be upgrading my brakes soon. I'm leaning toward getting the t3 front and rear kit. Part of me was thinking about getting the arizona z front kit and using it with the t3 rears. I like that the Arizona z kit is a slightly larger rotor. Does anyone know if they use the same calipers? Is anyone running the arizona z front and t3 rear?
  5. jessejames

    Floors wet

    My 1973 240z was parked in the rain for a few hours. When i moved it inside I noticed the right side of the drivers side footwell was soaked. The windows were closed. I cant tell where the water came from. The cowl drain appears unkinked and dry. The area near the door was dry. The area under the dash was dry. There was some moisture at the base of the windshield but no where near the quantity of the water on the floor. Is there a common area for water to leak in from? Thank you.
  6. jessejames

    240Z VQ37HR Swap

    I cant wait for more pictures! Looks great so far
  7. jessejames

    T3/T4 Turbo that spools like stock?

    I'd recommend the efr6258 for your power goals. I use it on my sr20. Spools fast, and you'll hit your power goal easily.
  8. I'm running 375lbs front. 325lbs rear. I have the St away bars as well.
  9. jessejames

    What about EFR 7064? Its one sale...

    I'm running the efr 6258 on an SR20DET. I'm using an ebay manifold. I made 289 whp on a low reading mustang dyno st 16psi. I'm running it on crappy canadian pump gas.
  10. jessejames

    Hood Designs

    Vented hood
  11. jessejames

    What about EFR 7064? Its one sale...

    I will use a t4 twinscroll.
  12. jessejames

    What about EFR 7064? Its one sale...

    I have the Efr 6258. The EFR 7064 was essentially replaced by the efr 7163. It spools faster and makes the same power. Its been a great turbo. My tuner tells me i'm not getting full use out of it as i'm only running 16psi. The turbo can easily handle 25 psi. I don't plan on running E85. What i don't think you can see on the paper is how it feels to drive. Its the fastest spooling turbo i've ever felt. The wheel of the turbo is made out of a titanium blend. Sorry I cant add much more. I recommend you email Full Race and speak to the staff. They were very helpful when i was trying to decide which turbo to go with. I plan on swapping to the 7163 down the road.
  13. jessejames

    Weld in Camber Plates Cover

    Hey ZTR any luck with the pictures?
  14. jessejames

    Toyota 3sge beams swap in a 240z

    Hey Suchfun240z I have an sr20det swapped 240z. I live in Vancouver BC. If your ever up this way I could show you my z. I haven't had a chance to take my z to Ridge motorsports yet. Maybe some time this summer i'll be down your way.