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  1. South Bend clutch and new injectors have arrived. The shop is a little swamped with cars, but I should back in very soon. I was hoping to get it done before winter, but I think the new goal is to be road ready before spring. Why the dry sump? Just because you can? or does it help with clearance? I went with the dry sump as the k24 is a very tall engine, and I was concerned about the oil pan hanging out of the bottom of the car. I thought about trying to make a custom oil pan, but went alittle blingy. Hopefully I'll have more updates in the next month.
  2. welcome to the club. I'm also in Vancouver. I recommend Evolution Auto in Burnaby if you need mechanical work done. They serve a few Z clients and do motor swaps.
  3. I will look into reinforcing it further. I have some done. I've got a welded rollbar at the rear, and brace on the front struts. I'm just waiting on the fuel rail, clutch, spacer for dry sump, and few other things. In terms of power. Similar engine with same turbo was making 600whp. I'm planning on running less.
  4. Quick update: U joint had to be added to steering shift to fit around motor mount. Turbo manifold is done. Bolt for the crank pulley is too long to fit the ati dampner.
  5. Engine mounts made, just need to adjust one. Need a spacer for the oil pump. Transmission is now sitting in better spot.
  6. Trying to mount engine and transmission. Using the apex engineered for the transmission mount. The dry sump pump is making contact with the cross member. The transmission is alittle lower than I like.
  7. Not a alot of progress. Dry sump kit is missing pulley. Hopefully will here back from the vendor soon. Some pictures of assembled motor to make motor mounts.
  8. Nothing to exciting to report. I've attached a picture of the new turbo, intake manifold and brake kit. The picture with the sr20det is how it sits. That motor should be out by the end of the weekend.
  9. Hello, so I'm starting a new project. I'm pulling the Sr20det out and swapping in a Honda K24A2 turbo engine into my 1973 240Z. This is a list of the basics: 2006-2008 Honda k24a2 2.4L vtec Cd009 Nissan 370z transmission Efr8474 twinscroll turbo Haltech elite 1500 Ecu. This is my first attempt to do a build log.
  10. Im always here, lurking and reading. I just don't post very often. I often reference the site.
  11. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1971-datsun-240z-124/ Sold for $310,000!!!
  12. I just installed Sparco QRT-R's with planted seat brackets. The wings are a little to wide and need to be trimmed to fit in the seat. I used sparco side mount brackets with the planted seat bracket. I tried using Sparco sliders, however the seat sat too high for me and would not allow me to use a helmet. The seats are very comfortable for me. I'm 5'11 and 170lbs. They are snug around my waist. Unfortunately the logo doesn't match on my two seats. I'll be dealing with that later this week.
  13. Too many variables to know for sure. Some questions though: 1) Is mid Ohio a high speed track ? if so, your aerodynamics might not be as good as your Subaru. 2) I didn't see anything about your brakes. Maybe you were able to brake later with the Subi? 3) Sliding is not the fastest way around a track. Theres lots of info on the site about setting up alignment specs. I know when I was at the track, my lap times got faster, the slower i entered a corner. I'm no track expert, so take my advice with a grain of salt.
  14. Yeah both leads are dead ends. Anyone know how to make one of these kits?
  15. Are these still available. I would love to buy one with rfid.
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