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  1. Hello, I've searched the forums for this but without luck.. I have a '82 ZX N/A California import (I live in Sweden). The interior of the car has been changed from tan to black by the previous owner (except the roof, hideous combination at the moment). And the dashboard has been changed to a european one with km/h instead of mph on the speedo. But with that change, the dashboard lost its awesome fuel gauge with 1/8 indicator! So I want to know if I can just swap in a fuel gauge with the 1/8 indicator in a european dashboard that originally lacks one. Well, it's stuck to the
  2. Actually, I just found one in quite bad shape BUT with the harness and top lens in good condition (except one tiny crack) for little money. So I'm gonna try that one out first! If I'm not satisfied (picky as I am..) and I have money to spend, I'll contact you again to see if yours is still available Thanks
  3. Oh the $100 seems a little much for me. When I bought the panel I have now, not a year ago, the shipping was $50 with USPS. Anything you can do about that?
  4. That sounds great! I'm planning on building a LED harness for my tail lights anyways, if I have time, or manufacturing something with regular bulbs won't be too hard. The only thing is, I live in Sweden... Can you ship it here? Lol
  5. I'm looking for the aftermarket center piece panel that goes between the tail lights on the 280ZX. To be specific the 82-83 years models with the black stripes/bars that goes across the lens. Also known as the third brake light or center tail light. Has "280ZX" written on the lower red lens. I've got one that got hit by a smaller truck the other day, so the top amber lens got crushed.... And also I'm missing the wiring. But I guess no one has the lens and wiring only for sale, so I'm looking for the whole thing! PM me. Thanks!
  6. Great build man! I'm kinda aiming for the same style with my ZX. I'm doing a respray in grey metallic, got a similar rear wing/spoiler and right now I'm building the same third brake light you got! Without the "turbo" though, because mine lacks one.. Just wanted to know what kind of color you used to respray the rear lights red with? Or what brand? Did you mask up the black stripes or just sprayed over them? I've got the all red rear lights too, and as I said, I'm trying to get my third brake light all red too! Keep this thread alive, it's awesome!
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