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  1. Triple 45 OERs 10:1, cam done a lot of work on the suspension, have probably 7* camber correction in the rear and all that jazz
  2. Yeah in my other Z Gonna cut that car up tho
  3. ...or lack thereof? lol L series is way more reliable than a V8 any day of the week. I've run my motor out of oil a couple times, daily drive it, drift the piss out of it on weekends, and just beat the shit out of it in general, and it just takes it without giving one single **** about it.
  4. go lower also, action pics. and let's tandem
  5. 15x10 -38 ish should be easily doable on stock struts. I can fit 15x10 -50 with a 195/50-15 and -5* camber on the front before my NCRCA's, now they should fit with -7* camber.
  6. 205/50 on 8.5j is still stretched |: step up the sidewall to 55 series, and then lower the car one inch; will net you the half inch drop you still want, but reduce wheelgap a whole bunch, and make the car look wayyyy better.
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