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  1. hey guys, wanted to update you on the status of this pre-order. My screen printing shop has received all but one size of all the hoodies, and that unfortunately has caused a small delay in production. I should have accounted for this delay and for that I apologize. If it means anything, I will be including 1 "Home Built" and 1 "Under Construction" sticker with each order! thank you for your support, patience and understanding!
  2. So with fall right around the corner, I'm preparing another small, and maybe final batch of Mikuni/Solex carb hoodies. This is a very small batch, with only 5 available in each size. The hoodies are made by Gildan, here are the specs: 8.0-ounce, 50/50 cotton/poly; no pill Air Jet Spun Yarn Double-needle stitching Double-lined hood with dyed-to-match drawcord Set-in sleeves Rib knit cuffs and waistband with spandex Front pouch pocket The hoodies will be ready to ship the second week of September. Typical price is $30, pre-order group buy price is $24.99! You can pre-order via hybrid-z or directly through the store.
  3. Not sure if i'm going to do a whole run. If you're interested in something custom, pm me and we can chat about some options.
  4. got it! will update you with tracking as soon as it becomes available. thanks!
  5. you should've gotten a pm from me in regards to that 5 days ago. short nose / narrow body prints are already shipping.
  6. hey Arif, glad you like it! Post up some pics! This particular illustration is limited to 30 pieces, so once the 30 are gone, there will be no re-prints. thanks again!!
  7. initial batch prints are starting to ship today! keep an eye on your inbox for tracking info. thanks again!
  8. Short nose, narrow body prints are a GO! Printing will begin once payment is received. These as well will be limited to 30 pieces just like the G-Nose. added! added! let me see what I can do. I'll get in touch with the printer and see where they're at with your order.
  9. Gauging interest in a non-zg version - narrow body with a short nose. If there's enough interest, these could be available on aluminum as well.
  10. guys, please make sure you provide an address when making payment, as well as your preference for gloss or matte finish. If finish isn't specified, matte finish we be the default. thank you.
  11. 02/18/116 BRE 240Z is ready to go! Taking orders now! Same price, same deal as below! 02/18/16 Thank you for all your support and interest guys. Here's a little sneak preview of what's next: BRE Datsun 240Z in it's original livery - print on aluminum. Gauging interest right now, so let me know if anyone's up for one! Pricing will be the same. 01/23/16 Since the minimum number of orders has been achieved and a few orders are coming in through my online store, i'm replacing the sign up list with a counter of how many prints remain out of the 30 initially available. Some of you guys have already received your prints, i'm real happy to hear you like the work!! Your support is greatly appreciated!! Please keep in mind, the price is only good till 1/31. 240ZG G-Nose Aluminum print - 22 pieces remain 240Z narrow body, short nose print - 26 pieces remain 01/18/16 Orders starting to ship. Tracking info provided via PM for the orders that have gone out. Don't hesitate to post your photos! 01/15/16 Initial 5 orders are at the printers. Shipping and tracking info will be provided early next week. 01/15/16 Initial batch of orders is being processed and sent to the printers. Please don't forget to provide me your address and whether you'd like a gloss or matte finish on the print. Thank you! 01/14/16 Ladies and gents, we have reached the minimum required number of participants to go through with the printing process. Those who have reached out to me showing interest, please check your inbox for payment instructions so I can go ahead and place the orders with the printer. Thank you guys! Hi guys, I'd like to extend the opportunity to purchase some of my automotive artwork via a group buy, at a discounted rate. My latest illustration is a Datsun 240ZG that is printed on a sheet of brushed aluminum. The beauty of this process allows you to actually see the texture of the brushed aluminum, where typically you would see any white color on a paper on canvas print. The piece measures 2 feet by 8 inches tall, and comes with a wooden mount that allows you to mount it directly to any wall. You also have the option of selecting either a matte or glossy finish to the whole print. I have worked out a deal with my printer that allows me to offer a discounted rate on an order of 5 pieces or more. Price My regular price for this piece is $120 shipped within the Continental US. The Group Buy price is $84.99 shipped to your door. I can only offer this deal until January 31st of this year and a minimum of 5 orders is required by my printer. The print is limited to 30 pieces. Payment Once the required number of interested parties is reached, I will be reaching out to you with my paypal information. Production time and shipping Once payment has been received, the printing and shipping process takes roughly 6-10 combined. Tracking information will be provided. if you have any questions please feel free to post them here or pm me. I hope you like my work and thanks for your time! -dennis you can really see the aluminum texture shine here: sign up list: 1. BluDestiny PAID 2. NgoZ PAID 3. Pre-order made outside HybridZ. PAID 4. Huy350Z PAID 5. Arif PAID Sign Up for Narrow Body, Short Nose: 1 RB26powered74zcar PAID 2 theatriks PAID 3 NgoZ PAID Sign up for BRE 240Z - orders shipped once payment is processed - ~2-3 days. 1. Pre-order made outside HybridZ. PAID 2. Pre-order made outside HybridZ. PAID
  12. good point. My car is pretty loud, and I'm starting to hear the pump start to whine consistently now. Guessing that's a sign of inevitable failure.
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