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  1. I have skimmed through it. I need to make time and just sit down and read it all. I'm having a hard time finding any time lately. Been working 65+ hours a week.
  2. SuperHatch, in response to what you posted previously... I have not contacted loj to ask them for their dimensions because I figure why the heck would they give me half the recipe to their product. I would of course offer to pay them for the information. I may get in touch with them if I cannot find the measurements any other way. Other-wise my other option is it take a VG to a good machine shop and pay them to measure it out. I’m working on getting a 3rd vehicle for my wife and I. Once I accomplish that I can begin removing my engine and transmission and measure it all out myself. I have ma
  3. Ok it has been awhile. Here is where i am at. I have acquired an RS5R30A transmission. I have an LQ9. I have a set of L92 heads. As of right now i have decided to go the route of using the Nissan 5spd, obviously. I’m working on making an adapter plate, flywheel, spacer, and pilot bushing. I have found a technical drawing of an lsx so i have all the measurements i need for the GM side of the adapter. What i absolutely cannot find is a technical drawing/ blueprint set for the vg30 or the RS5R30A so that i can get the bolt pattern measurements and crank or shaft center points. I have searched h
  4. Thanks NCchris. That's awesome. Good to know nothing major needs to be done. Thanks for your contribution.
  5. Yeah i just checked that out $427 for a mock up block. Forget that. I work at a scrap yard. We get like 20+ 5.3ls motors in a week. looks like i found my mock up. I've have been kicking around the idea of puting together a 6.0 with a 4.8 crank in it. Which would make it a 5.3. I have seen some guys have good luck with these combos. Anyways... found a good build where a guy kept his TT 5pd Trans. you can see it here=> http://www.tennspeed.net/forums/showthread.php?t=16532 Im still thinking this may be a route i may go first. I spoke to a transmission builder here in houston who recommend
  6. Mine also is an auto. But i plan on doing a 5 spd swap before i do the LSX swap. Again i am just doing this to weigh my options. Whatever route i decide to not go i will just sell off all the parts i don't need. And atleast then I can document on here why i went the route i did, so others have it as a reference. I have found quite a few other builds... just been busy and have not posted them up yet. Got a little guy in the house who is going through that teething phase. On a positive note... I scored a nice 6.0 Block and bottom end at the yard i work at the other day. I'm thinking about inves
  7. It is pricey. Considoring you can but a nice T-56 for that. But a lot of people will go that route i think simply because they wont have to chop up and re-fab the tranny tunnel, and can keep their HVAC system. I know its important to me. South Texas summers are way to hot to not have AC. I will probably get a t56 first and the Quicktime bellhousing and do some test fitting. If it doesnt work out even after I Fab up a nice K member. I have decided i am also probably going to Fab a custom pan, or Mod one. Probably both. Just to see what works out better. But i agree about the tranny possibly not
  8. ^^^^THIS is very helpful! I had thought about keeping the VG Trans. This may make the swap much easier! Im not sure about their accessory belt drive yet i would really like to see some pictures. I may end up buy their adapter kit and getting a t56 just to weigh my options. I also had a thought... I know the trans tunnel is always an issue with a GM transmission. Especially right at the firewall. So i have been looking the the differences in clearance between the F-body and Quicktime Bellhousings. Here is a couple pics tho show what i am talking about. You can easily see how the quickti
  9. Oh I am right there with you. When I build a car it still has to be practical. It must have ac, ps, windshield wipers, defrost, etc. I wannabe able to take it on road trips and be comfortable. I want to be able to take my wife out to dinner in it.
  10. Hey thanks. Mine swap is a ways off as well. But like I always say "While you wait, educate and accumulate." I'm honestly surprised that swap kit manufacturers haven't nailed a kit down for the Z32 yet. Honestly it's embarrassing. There are plenty of NA and frustrated TT owners that would have swapped by now if a kit was readily available.
  11. OK this is my first post here; I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Cody Green. I am a car builder. I work at a Hot Rod Shop, and a Junkyard. I love all things mechanical. I’m a family man, and a Christian. That about sums things up quickly. Anyways, I'm always looking to educate myself and find good reads. I have owned many cars in my life, but the one that taught me the most was my 1990 300zx Twin Turbo. I got it when I was 18. It was a lemon. It was the kind of car you had to fix something on every weekend. I finally gave up on it and sold it to another guy. It left a hole
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