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  1. 2004 Ford Excursion diesel, tows like a dream and gets decent fuel mileage. I picked it up for just under your budget.
  2. Great job! I can't wait to get out there, you're a inspiration!
  3. Dang, I just built the axles an hour ago & I have the TTT control arms! How did you verify this, with the alignment?
  4. I'm pretty happy the diff is mounted and all the bolts now line up. I had the mustache bar mounts on wrong. Now I can order the driveshaft since I have a measurement from the trans to the diff. This is a great kit and I really appreciate Will's time and effort he has put into this, and what a great community we have here to share our passion!
  5. You need gland nut part #, which I ordered straight from koni-na. I also have installed them in the strut tube which was supplied kit. I had to clean the threads from the powder coating build up to get mine to start
  6. Is there a reason for the mustache bar not being coated? It's just sand blasted and left raw
  7. Yes you'll need the gland nuts for the 8610 struts, that's what I have. Call koni-na, they have them in stock.
  8. Just opened the box of parts, everything looks great! Can't wait to put it all together in the car!
  9. Good news, Koni-NA has the gland nuts in stock.
  10. Does anyone know of a good source for the koni gland nuts for the 280z? I'm having trouble finding them. That's all I need from the parts list
  11. The parts list also has links to sites where you can buy them from, which are about the best prices I've been able to find on most of them.
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