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  1. I went back to zcarsource's website they have t-tops but.. one side is available while the other is sold out https://zcarsource.com/weatherstrip-seals/weatherstrip-280zx/t-top-weatherstrip contact them maybe they'd have something soon? but they are pricy so hopefully there are other alternatives
  2. i got mine from zcarsource, a bit pricy but i had them installed in august 2015 still holding up fine however it does not include t-top and doors (doors weatherstrip were from a kia sportage) t-top i can't remember what i did
  3. I have an 280zx 83' and remember found a thread saying the kia sportage works, got a pair and its not amazing but it kinda worked lol https://www.kiapartsnow.com/genuine/kia-wthstp-frt-door~0k01858760b.html (i think) and the rest of the weatherstripping was from https://zcarsource.com/weatherstrip-kit-280zx-82-83-coupe-no-t-tops-new
  4. Yeah from the looks of it, I'll probably go the collins route, thanks for being very informative I appreciate it. I couldn't find an ar5 here, but I guess i'll just try the cd009, thank you for your input. I don't think i'd ever go twin plate tbh, knowing I wont even go over 450hp, but I did find the SPEC clutch you were talking about, they make it for the Mavrick kit. Thank you. rb25 tranny costs the same as an r154 here.. and well cd009 seems more money efficient for me, thank you.
  5. Oh cool, didn't know another company made an adapter kit, thanks for mentioning that, I'll compare both Maverick and Collins and later on see wether I'm more comfortable with machining the housing or not. Thanks for clearing things up, I really didn't know about the shifter linkage relocation, not sure if I should actually order that, since you're talking about an S30 and mines an S130, I remember both cars have different dimensions. I'm kind of concerned about the drive shaft though, but hopefully i'd find a shop that would make a custom one, the nismo short shifter looks cool xD. R154's are selling for $1200+ here, hopefully scrap shops don't know much about the cd009 and I can get them for cheap.
  6. I thought of that, but several mechanics said they wont do that, and I don't really have the time, tools or even the experience to do it. The shop that fit my engine and tranny told me its best I get another r154 but the price has gone severely up not to mention I couldn't find any r154's, hence why I thought of going with a cd009.
  7. Hey hybridz, hopefully this is the right place to post it. I spent quiet a while(2 months and going) looking for an r154 after mine broke, but no luck, so I read people started doing the cd009 swap, and I have searched online for this topic but I couldn't understand much it, it wasn't as clear as I thought it would be. I know Collins sell an adapter kit, but I also read that it needs to be cut to fit, but do I need more than just an adapter? I really want something as close as a bolt on as an r154 and as for power I'm willing to hit the 500-550whp this winter, any help would be appreciated. The tranny would go on a 83' 280zx. Thanks
  8. Haha yeah Bruce was one of the 280zx's that I saw. I'll look at that facebook group and probably ratsun. Thanks again
  9. Hello Hybrid Z I own an 83' 280zx with a 2jz vvti, its going through a restoration now, I have most parts for the restoration, just missing on suspensions and wheels and it would be done. I was going to go with the techno toy tuning front coil kit and s13 for the rear, but a friend of mine, told me about accuair, and I kinda kept thinking about them, they looked cool and the idea grew on me. I contacted accuair and they said they don't have a kit for a 280zx just 300zx (90's) and s14. I saw two people with 280zx accuairs, but unfortunately they didn't reply to me when I asked them how they did it, so I thought I would get help from here, maybe someone knows who did this build or not. I'm wondering if I get s14 kit the rear would be bolt on, just worried about the front , and I dont know if this would be of relevance but i'll go with watanabe F 16 x 8.5 -5 R 16 x 9.0 -13 . I also thought of going through the the techno toy suspensions and s13/14 then change the springs to bags maybe..? Thank you
  10. Hey there, If anyone has all the emblems as well as the hub caps for the 1983 280zx N/A(T-Top), preferably chrome and not the gold color in pretty good condition, I would like to buy them. Payment will be through paypal, I have an address in the states. Thanks.
  11. it doesnt matter what engine i have, so i should look for the ohms rating of the original 280zx?
  12. Hey guys, I've been searching the forums and the internet for a while now, but I didn't find the information I need. I'm gonna order a new set of autometer gauges, but I have one question in the site theyre asking how many ohms it is, and it got me confused. The only thing I upgraded for the fuel is a bosch fuel pump but thats it everything is stock, the old gauge is just dead. Thank you
  13. I'm using the R154 5 speed manual transmission. I'm not familiar with the english terms, but if shifter arm means how I got the gear stick in the stock hole of the 280zx, It didnt fit I had to trim it a bit to make it fit. this is an old pic as well of the interior I hope its clear x.x its the only one I got
  14. I have a 280zx 83' and I saw these kits but they were just out of my budget, fortunately I found a workshop who was familiar with z's and 2jz engines and custom fabbed the mounts. He charged me about $100, I'm not from the states so i dont know how much a shop would charge you there. Here's a pic of the engine if you're interested. but thats an old pic, im upgrading the turbo and a bunch of stuff atm but just to give you a rough idea even custom fabbed mounts work well
  15. Well english isn't my first language , yeah I might've mixed them up, but if it is working fine for now I'll keep it like that, till I can get around it and check the charcoal canister. Thanks
  16. well.. today I was studying about pumps and stuff like that.. and I had a "breakthrough" idea .. I decided to drive the car without the fuel tank cap.. the fuel cutting problem got solved... the car sounds different as if it was breathing better and it actually feels a lot stronger than before ... so i think for now i'm gonna see if I can find a fuel cap. (i'm hoping I don't run into this problem again.. and i'm hoping its the fuel cap that was the whole cause of it )
  17. I will try and check if its clogged this weekend. Well.. the previous owner was a real ass towards the car.. I'm spending soo much time trying to fix it on my own as much as I can, and i'm learning as im going. Yeah I'm always scared it might build up soo much pressure that it might blow up Thank you for the extensive reply, my stock fuel gauge just died.. and I think maybe thats why I keep having fuel cutting issues? but I will try my best to get around this issue, I hope this will sort out the fuel cutting issue as well.. Thanks for the replies guys I appreciate it.
  18. okay so i drive a 280zx with a 2jz single turbo, prior to that PO had an rb20 installed.. anyways when I bought it with the rb20 engine, I drove for as little as 5 miles, and I would park, turn the car off, open the fuel tank lid, it had sooo much pressure leaving the fuel tank.. when the rb20 died, I got a 2jz, installed bosch inline fuel pump (thinking it might fix the problem) but still whenever I drive 5 miles or even 100 miles, and I open the fuel tank, soo much pressure leaves (it once burned my skin cause the pressure was too strong even if i slowly open it ) anyways, I was wondering does anyone have this sort of problem? because I did search a few times but honestly found nothing.. Thanks
  19. well.. I did the 2jz swap on my 280zx .. the only gauges I got working are the battery and fuel gauge, the rest dont work at all .. so now i'm saving for aftermarket ones. good luck with your project
  20. my build as follows its a 280zx (1983) made a swap since my old engine died.. Motor: 2JZ vvti ($1400) Trans: R154 5 speed manual( $550) Motor mounts: custom ($100) Trans mounts: custom ($150) Aftermarket single turbo exhaust manifold : $190 Aftermarket Turbo: T70 ($550) Exhaust: $320 Uprated clutch/pressure plate: TRD single plate clutch ($480) Bigger intercooler: Greddy 4" ($245) Intercooler piping kit: ^ came with the above BOV: none Waste gate: HKS ($130) Stock injectors Higher volume and pressure fuel pump: Bosch fuel pump x2 ($120x2 = $240) 280 zx fuel tank 280 zx fuel lines Rising rate fuel pressure regulator: kinda went with the cheapest one in the store i go to Mines fuel regulator ($50) Fuel filter: no idea stock 2jz ECU Gauges (boost, oil pressure, water temperature, speedometer, tachometer) : $400 (boost and tachometer only ) ARC radiator (came with the 280zx when i got it ) total cost : $4805 It still has fuel cutting issues .. so im working on that atm, but I never thought of strengthening the cars body, how would that be done? as well as which diff. would be good to use? i was thinking of a TRD LSD , would it fit or..? as well im currently sorting the electricity so.. the electrician estimated $410 p.s. I'm very new to this so, if im being a noob im sorry, cause i couldnt find a lot of thorough posts so i'm still trying to get the gist of all this. Thanks
  21. thank you for the quick reply but no unfortunately i dont, but i would check first thing tomorrow in my friends garage i remember he has one but lets say my voltage is low, should i just get a new battery?
  22. Hi, I drive a 280zx 1983 turbo I was wondering the electricity in my car is very weak, if i turn on the radio the power cuts off the lighter/phone charger, so its either i pick radio or charge my phone.. im very new to cars i know nothing at all, that is the reason i got the car so i could learn from it and get ideas/guidance from the pros the car is running fine and is in great shape, its just the electricity in it is pretty low and the lights dont really help at all theyre brightness is too low as well. i asked a mechanic and he said i should change its spark plugs but i did not understand do spark plugs really help with electricity in the car? i did however check the wires in my car and theyre in a bad condition, the previous owner just taped the wires with water-resistant tape (or whatever you call it) where the core of the wire is visible so i thought i'd get a new set of wires. i also saw a few using MSD wires/spark plugs etc.. are they good? (i know the brand is good i use it on my jetski but for cars.. especially an s130 are they good or is there something better?) i know my questions might seem dumb and stupid but im really knew with this kind of stuff and was hoping someone could teach me a bit about it. thank you
  23. everything is perfect engine wise and handling, im now focused on body works .. so i kinda need paint ideas since im tired and dont know what to paint it thank you for replying
  24. I do agree with you, but i already found a solution for the bumper, and now the problem lies with the colour i dont really know what to paint it
  25. i decided to paint my car personally i love it but every person i asked his/her opinion said its bad (i dont really care it is my car after all) anyway, im kinda stuck on what interior to get (i dont want black) i thought like maybe white but im scared it might get dirty over time but do you guys have any options or opinions of both exterior and interior colours? its currently the reason i want to repaint is because i got bored xD Thank you
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